Rainbow Calling: It’s my best friend’s birthday

*It’s only sensible that I dedicate my first ever blog post to the person who’s been there for me since day (negative infinity) 01. gabbbss Hi everyone! This is my best friend, Gabby. ☺

For the ten years I’ve known her, I learned that her favorite color is purple but she has a sweet spot for all things pastel/mint green, like matcha green tea and mint chocolate, a sweet tooth for sour tape and an assortment of rainbow-colored candies, and she has the biggest heart to invite me to her house whenever she has a fresh batch of IKEA cookies and a new download of one of my favorite movies that she’d be willing to sit through with me on free days that come rare for her.

Speaking of rainbows, she doesn’t seem to know that throughout every storm I have gone through and will be going through, every rough stretch of days, weeks or months she inevitably fights through, she’ll be the rainbow I continue to look forward to—my constant, my favorite despite being my polar opposite, and my idol.

On the days you doubt yourself, I pray you believe in your own genius, your own talents, and that you’ve always always just been more than enough in all your Gabby-ness… to me at least, Gabs.

Happy Birthday and have a great day! You deserve nothing but the sun because you’re all the color my black and white (occasionally gray and blush) world is ever going to need. I love you to bits of Skittles because you love Skittles! 💕

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