The Disconnect in Our Generation

*To my elders, my folks, aunts and uncles, and teachers/professors who have nagged me and people my age about how times have changed and how things were so different ‘noong araw’ and back in the day, don’t worry the message has definitely sunk in. I think this is proof. 

In half a minute, a couple of motions of the fingers, quicker than it is to pour yourself a glass of water, a message can be sent through text or chat, thanks to technology.

Just words

Only about a decade ago, it was nearly impossible to let someone you were supposed to meet at 3pm in a McDonald’s know that you were going to be a bit late because of an accident, a sudden change of plans, or if you weren’t going to be able to make it at all anymore. Now, as easy as it is to make an arrangement, it’s just as easy to get out of it by giving an excuse beforehand or even last minute, whether sincere or not, with less amount of effort, time, and even guilt.

A few decades ago, the only way to get someone to go out with you was to call up their house, clear your throat, and bottle up the courage to ask them, or you could just simply walk up to them and blurt it out. If it’s a yes, anxiously and eagerly wait around for the said date and cherish those 4 to 5 hours you have with them, and if all goes well, wish and wait for the next chance to talk and spend time with each other.

Now, you can quickly type out the sentence, “Hey! Do you wanna…?” with the help of autocorrect, hiding behind a screen, and often times even concealing the word, “date” by blurring the lines with a longer but less intimidating word, “hang out”. Next thing you know, you’re ‘hanging out’ and having a good time. Thankfully there are still some people who remember to send out a thank you message afterwards. And as often as you can still keep in contact, as often as you can still hang out; will you?

Will you confuse what you can cherish if nearly everything nowadays comes so often and easy?

Personal relationships, whether friendships or romantic relationships, should be valued and respected no matter what decade you’re living in.

Generation: Easy, Easier, Easiest 

Today it’s become so easy to contact people; however, it’s becoming just as easy to take them for granted. We live in a generation that aches more when we accidentally drop our phones than when we intentionally drop people from our lives.

It’s easy to have a video call conversation on your laptop while you’re flipping through tabs, refreshing timelines, reading an article, playing a game, loading a video, replying to three other people on chat, and skimming through albums of last weekend’s parties. It’s a skill to be able to multi-task effortlessly, but it’s becoming a disease to effortlessly lose clear sight of the person on the other end of the call that you’re juggling together with all your other tasks. It’s easy to contact people so it’s pretty easy to ask someone to go out with you on any given day, two weeks from now; it’s also easy to agree to somebody else’s invite on the exact same day, and make other plans. Piling up plans and people on the same day, until it’s suddenly really easy for you to cancel.

We’ve been making so many connections, but why has it become so easy for us to disconnect?

The times

Why take for granted and throw away what our parents, in their day worked hard for and wished for, when it’s already right in front of us now? In retrospect, all anyone will  ever really want is time because time means chances. Time for a chance to pop a question. A chance to say what you’ve been rehearsing in front of the mirror. A chance to finally carry out what you’ve pictured in your mind a thousand times before falling asleep. A chance to have a better conversation. Another chance to see that person that makes your heart beat a little faster.

iPod, iTouch, iPhone, iPad… But some things remain even for our parents, their parents’ parents, our kids, and let’s admit it, even us. In fact, iFeel, iWant, iWish, to spend more time with the person iLike and the people iLove. The latest fads of gadgets may change but the human heart will never cease to beat for the same reasons.

In half a minute, a couple of motions of the fingers, quicker than it is to finish a glass of water, a message can be sent through text or chat, thanks to technology. Time doesn’t just mean chances; time means opportunities.

Cyber walls and other worlds

Take this opportunity given by technology to mean what you say, to live up to your promises, and to cherish the effort people put in towards building relationships and real connections. We shouldn’t confuse what will timelessly matter for just another one of our tasks in a day because good relationships and real connections don’t come so often and easy anymore. Maybe they never have.

Don’t get lost in all the quick typing, tab switching, and clicking behind the cyber walls and bubbles we’ve subconsciously built to protect ourselves in a misdirected attempt at making life easier. These walls are being built on bricks made of missed calls and chat emojis, ‘like buttons’ and double taps, notification sounds and desensitized vibrations.

We spend countless hours scrolling on our lit up screens instead of strolling in the city streets that have lit up for us. We hunt for wifi hotspots more than we observe changes in our environments. We have refreshed our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds infinitely more times than we’ve actually fed our souls and our need for concrete experiences. We’re keeping ourselves from discovering and embracing what’s real out there in the other world that isn’t bound by a flat screen box running on 79% battery life. Don’t let technology make it so easy for you to take for granted what will always be of so much more value, and that’s the promises you make and the people that put their faith in you.

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9 thoughts on “The Disconnect in Our Generation

  1. Jhanz A. says:

    This is beautifully written! I agree, we tried to connect through the cyber space, but in reality, what we really needed to do is to disconnect to and actually go back to those times where we’d rather talk than to mindlessly type our insights in 140 characters or less.

  2. Peavey Vee says:

    An urgent message well-delivered, and which I believe speaks from your experience, Aidee. 🙂

    I wonder how our generation’s children will be, maybe we can help them be better than us. 😀

    • aideehd says:

      I wrote it one day when I came home from school cause my professor was talking bout something like this. Team change the world, Peaves? 😊

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