Transit Terminal Vol. 1

*Writing this post because I just really have to start blogging regardless of my many reservations and excuses.

This Transit Terminal series I’m hoping to make a habit of updating is just going to be a random collection of the things I’m up to lately. “Transit” since I’m always on my way, and these are the things en route. “Terminal” because I’ve had this fascination with the life that goes on in airports ever since I watched that Tom Hanks movie. So these posts are little tidbits of what life’s been consisting of lately. They could also be previews of what I’ll be blogging about next.

I’ll also be featuring images of different airports in each post.


I’ve been on summer break and this is what I’ve roughly been up to the last month or so…

Growing out my short hair 💇
Finishing a giant jar of Kakor Chokladflarn (oat cookies and the only Swedish word I know) from Ikea, care of the best friend, thanks Gabs! 😁
Wearing shorts because being out of school means no dress code, yay
Scrolling through
Eating avocados on toast
Catching some La Liga and Champions League for nighttime tv ⚽
Taking ridiculous and ridiculous-er amounts of Buzzfeed quizzes
Drooling over Buzzfeed food videos
Recovering from reading a load of World War II and Romanov stories
Having skin problems
Admiring S&R’s recent shipment of Hostess treats, especially Ding Dongs
First time wall climbing and first time lifting 💪 (aka realizing how unfit and weak I am)
Writing articles
Slowly organizing files
Attending internship meetings and workshops
Watching Snap stories and getting jealous of people abroad
Listening to local indie artists from Peavey, plus a lot of reflecting ☯
Munching on green tea wasabi nuts
Watercolor painting, thanks Dihiah 🎨 though people have said my stuff look like Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew covers and I’m not sure how to feel about that
Being la loco for La Lola Churreria
Squeezing dinners and a road trip with girlfriends
Letting go of my planner (when will I ever learn)
Journal hunting
Wondering about the recent quake and calamity scares 😭
De-cluttering my study table and shelf
Breaking into my pair of Nike Internationalists
Collecting the charms of Lucky Charms cereal 🌈💜🍀 Yes, I pick em out one by one
Watching 80s bratpack movies, thanks Clark! ☺
Craving Japanese food 🍣🍱🍤 and Japanese iced coffee
Occasionally catching sunrises
And observing the different hues of summer sunsets
Finally following The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and San Francisco Chronicle (the schmarter, more useful journalist schtuff I have to read)
Telephoning 📞☎
Decorating my desk with stickers, postcards, and other special paper trinkets
♫ Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll | KYGO ♫
Watching Rolland Garros 🎾 and other clay court matches aired, Vamos Rafa 👊
Making plans for ze blog &
blogging, and I solemnly swear to blog some more 😁

Featured airport: Taiwan Taoyuan

This was the last airport I was in and I like it a lot. The views on the hour bus is really something, especially if you’ve mostly been staying in Taipei. It’s an escape from the city and being surrounded by skyscrapers and city sitings. It’s roughly a small airport, but in Terminal 2 there’s a great food court and I always have my best meals of the my Taiwan trips here. Lots of variety and lots of local-international mixes. They also have these cute foldable wax-lined paper cups by their drinking dispensers.

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