*I’m kinda fried in the creativity department these days when I write for work, so I can’t burn out anymore sentences than ones that come naturally for me, like conversations. So let’s converse, instead! 😄

I came across a beautifully written article about life, death, and the things in between, which you can check out here in one of my favorite sites. So beautiful I wish I’d written it, so beautiful I’m going to share it and react to it. So beautiful, someday I’d pat myself on the back if I could write the way Angela Paul did.

It may appear a bit morbid on some notes, but it’s existential and zen (not sure, haha my I’m-the-worst-philo-major doubts are getting to me) and mostly it makes a lot of sense. It’s sensible in the ‘easier said than done’ kind of way. It’s also sensible because it’s about everyday things that we fail to recognize and refuse to take action on. But it’s the kind of challenge I, together with my blog, am up for. Ever upwards plus a whole lot of consciousness and gratitude.


© Austrian artist, Lisbeth Zwerger’s Alice in Wonderland illustrations (1999)

“It’s the everyday, ordinary things that we long for when we realize our time is up. Simple things that most of us take for granted until they are taken from us. And so every morning, before I get out of bed, I try to remind myself to look for the extraordinary in the ordinary and the magic in the mundane.”

“It’s not about doing more or achieving, it’s about noticing. It’s about paying attention to what is, instead of lusting after something else—that constant hoping that tomorrow will be better than today.”

“Here we are, specks of dust rushing through space for what seems like nanoseconds, yet wasting so much time worrying about things that really don’t matter. We foolishly squander our time away under the delusion that there is an endless supply. There isn’t.”

—Angela Paul

Just some (again, beautifully written, so beautiful I want to write scribble them by hand and I might) words I hope to live by, even if I obviously go against all that on a daily basis, whoops, the struggle is realer than real.

But I’d like to take little steps in appreciating my here’s and now’s just by being more aware, hence hopefully in the present and living fully.

Featuring some more beautiful & whimsical illustrations of Alice in Wonderland because she’s a girl who tries to come to grips with certain realities and other dreams.


© Lisbeth Zwerger’s Alice in Wonderland illustrations (1999)


© Lisbeth Zwerger’s Alice in Wonderland illustrations (1999)

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