My May in Squares: Art and Internships

*It’s the longest summer of “the century” for me and this is the productive bit of how I spent the month of May in photographs.

Motivation nation
I’ve been interning with Team ABC under Abbey Sy as a copywriter along with other bright-eyed writers, artists, and photographers. We meet up every now and then in coffee shops to discuss work-related matters, learn more about ourselves and our skills. And the best part about it is getting to meet a diverse set of creatives who all do different things but are of a similar wavelength. We’re all girls too, so it reminds a lot of high school, except it’s a more condensed group. Yup, I grew up in an all-girls school from kindergarten to college so I really missed being in that kind of environment.

The interesting thing about all our projects is that every time I come home from a meeting, I tend to leave feeling really really motivated. I’m not even kidding. It may sound phony but I feel energized all the time, so much that it should happen more often, haha. I get pumped up to organize my life, post more, do more, create more, and try harder. I guess it really does make a difference knowing you have a concrete support system behind you. More than anything, it’s seeing I’m not so alone in this struggle and pursuit we’re all on.

And one afternoon my artist/fitness coach brother decides to pass on his old watercolor set to me. I went on a couple of painting sprees. I had a battle with the brushes, the water, more water, and more importantly I fell in love with color.

If you flip through my personal “art history”, I never delved into anything with color because I always sketched with pencils or charcoal (mostly because of laziness). I didn’t really know what I was doing (well, when do I ever) but I did paint things that caught my eye, and not just pretty things but scenes that told actual stories. I’ve gotten feedback and I now know I’ll either practice the discipline more or just move on to acrylics since people did say that’s more of what my style looks like?

I’ve also been tidying up my room. I got rid of the school year’s worth of junk and I’m halfway close to decorating corners of my room.

Lastly, I finally finished Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami *pause for applause* after a very very very long time. I won’t review it cause I’ll probably give more rants than rave about it. The length of time it took me to finish it, meaning I had to force myself to pick it up through a stretch of months, says a lot about the book or about my own aideehd-ness. All I can say is, I don’t understand the hype. It’s not terrible, but to me it’s just not all that great. There are better Murakami books and I hope to read more of those. However, it’s his signature, flowery, descriptive prose that kept me going. He painted some of the most beautiful imagery.

Here’s to more painting words, actual painting, and room decorating.


Some behind the scenes photos, Abbey Sy originals, and no, that isn’t my bed though

Oh and I wrote an article about internships for the school paper. 

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