The Boy Who Was Made Of Stardust

*Here’s a little something and a song about one of the most special “things” I’ve ever come across. I’ve referred to this person as a ‘things’ because he’s one of those people I’m 99.69% sure is composed of a dozen other more special nameless things. Here’s to you. 😊

There was a boy who was made of stardust,
and he was born on the 24th of July.

Most people were just made of water and kale diets or fast food around a busy 9 to 5 schedule. But he was made of earth wind and fire. *Cue September* So he could breakdance with life and the galaxies that lived in and around him. He was also made of cannabis and nicotine. He smelled like it too. But he was one of life’s highs even without any of it. He was made of iced coffee he takes black, gummy worms, tuna sandwiches, and milk during midnight snacks. Cause I love milk and who doesn’t enjoy midnight snacks? He was made of great songs and all the colors of the sky that you couldn’t name once you watched night turn to day long enough. He was made of the same breathlessness you feel right before doing something you’re dead afraid of, yet he was also made of that longing to jump. He was made of a billion roads that didn’t lead to a home but a feeling that was pretty darn close to it, and being okay without it at the same time. He was made of six thousand punches and wings for soaring. But when I said he had galaxies living inside of him, I meant he was also a thousand lightyears away from where I stood.

Still, always have been, and always will be
a stardust completely of your own.

Keep blessing the world with that.
Happy Birthday!🎈

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