Transit Terminal Vol. 2

*I know I haven’t blogged in a really long time so here’s my second Transit Terminal series consisting of what life’s been like recently. 


So for the two months that I stopped blogging, this is what I’ve been up to in no particular order…

Emails, more emails, and facing my fear of Excel 💻
Assistant editor duties, weeee
Copy writing
Type Lab MNL and YS Prom!
Internship work and fun 👭👭👭👭
Read The ABCs of Hand Lettering 
HBO and TLC 📺
Spontaneously hanging out with newer people
Flower arranging
Maximizing Google Drive
Reading Who What Wear everyday
Jurassic Park high
Upcycling ♻
Collecting digital art and pictures then having them printed
Finished reading (and gonna be writing a review about) Guardians
♥ Kate Spade love affair ♠
Long distance chats with my long distance friends, Grace & Mary
Gaining a ton of weight 🐽
Taking a break from serious writing, if possible
📷 Instagramming the white and bright
Bonding with my cousin, Olivia and babysitting Connor
Watching Whine About It 🍷on Wine Wednesdays with Matt Bellassai 
Obsessing with minimalist and geometrical tattoos
Then trying to sketch my own stencils ✎
Collecting lifestyle/art magazines usually for free haha and borrowing some more
✈ Went to CANADA (gonna blog about this)
Finishing packs of chocolate almonds and chocolate raisins
Wimbledon 🎾 Nadal & Federer forever though 👊
Cooking squid
Watching Lisa Eldridge tutorials
Then playing around with make up and still failing 💄
Skype 🌃🌏💕🌎
Not touching my phone as much
✍ Writing poetry and storms of prose and letters
Planning for an online art portfolio
Weird dreams, nightmares, and sleep paralysis 😰
Shopping and Chilli’s dates with my best friend, Gabby
Visiting family and looking at antiques
🎨 Finally tried painting faces and using color aaaand doing A LOT of this
Going to art galleries
🎈🙊Birthday surprises 🙈🎈
Fixated on wilderness stuff
A lot of alone time, some tears, and sadness

Featured airport: Hong Kong International Airport

This was the last airport I was in and it’s my favorite! I’m sort of convinced it’s the kind of airport the movie, The Terminal, could take place in. I can picture some shady lost Tom Hanks roaming around cause the place is so big and vast. A thousand connecting flights take place here so it’s a coming together and melting pot of east and west. There are shops in every corner, restaurants with a variety of cousins, and good views of the runway on all sides. I wouldn’t mind being left in this airport for an entire day if I had to wait for a connecting flight or something. Especially if it means an adventure, and it does look like the kind of place you’d have an adventure in.

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