Hey June, In Squares

*I know this is really really late but here’s a quick summary of my half of June, in squares. This is halfway through my longest ever summer and although it seems like a pretty redundant routine that consisted of family, food, and work, it was a variety of those very crucial things for me. 

 Familia fat days

A family that eats together… well, we eat together. I spend a lot of time with my folks going around the city and… just EATING. My family’s form of bonding is over food, which is pretty fun, but it explains my constant weight gain. (But it’s my fault I don’t exercise haha) We eat out on weekdays more than weekends and I’d like to think it’s like my late breakfast before I start working from wherever. But that was my problem for the entire month of June. Everyday I set out on a search for coffee shops or restaurants that were conducive for writing, but instead I’d just eat lunch with my folks, have another failed attempt at looking for a space, then end up just working at home. It’s pretty hard to find a place with enough sockets and without the rowdy yuppy crowds. Any suggestions?


Oysters are my favorite raw seafood, Sneakers from Achi Rin of Luscious Closet, Toby’s Estate dates with Daddy, Flower arranging fixation with mom, Wildflour Sunday brunches, Featuring my dad’s painting, Scout’s honor milk & cookies, Antler interior wee

Internship and work 

My summer internship with Team ABC got extended, yay! And although it got busier, it also meant it got funner. We crossed off a lot of things we had to accomplish. We prepared for Type Lab MNL which was a success. Abbey’s book, The ABC’s of Hand Lettering was launched. And we’ve been learning a lot. The interns had a workshop where we were taught calligraphy, lettering, and a bunch of other crafty stuff which was really a treat. Our meetings have been going north and south or central, and that just means we’ve been getting to try more restaurants. I’ve also stepped out of my comfort zone by doing the kind of work I’m not used to, for ABC and even for TLS. Although at times it got really challenging balancing everything, especially since I went abroad, it’s been really motivating to be exposed to both the creative industry and the publishing industry.


Breton meeting, Jas in ABC HQ, CO/OP plastic moose interior, Hey Kessy’s wall, Outside ABC HQ, The best homemade red velvet cake I’ve ever eaten (and I usually don’t eat red velvet stuff), Fully Booked, Jas’s silhouette, The view from Fully Booked

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