The Thank You Notes I Never Sent

“You have a way with words,” I’ve been told.

While the world is home to libraries of books that house centuries worth of literature—romantic, tragic, fictional, and truthful—written by men and women who’ve had their own ways with words on a page. The average human being uses about 14,000 words a day. Today we send texts, emails, instant messages, and make calls as much as we’ve been talking to the next person since the beginning of time. But out of all the senseless rambling and chatter-filled hours, how many of these utterances are more helpful than hurtful? How many people have we kept up at night because of the unnecessarily mean things our mouths couldn’t hold back? Have any of our words ever made someone else’s day?

We all have our own ways with words. I just hope we use them well. Better yet, to say things with love.

— {yours truly}

Thanks to Sharyl, I had the opportunity to write for Brew Your Best Year by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, which I was thrilled to be a part of simply cause it’s one of my most frequented coffee shops. Yes, I’m a loyal and proud Coffee Bean customer. They’ve got one of my favorite hot chocolates, topped off with marshmallows and the fluffiest whipped cream ever. It’s like drinking a cloud. ☁ I usually enjoy their playlists and I really recommend their sandwiches, pastas, and breakfast selection. I’ve got lots of memories in Coffee Bean over the last couple of years.

These are the thank you notes I never sent dedicated to the people around me whom I just haven’t thanked enough.

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