Bright Eyes: Team ABC

Phones out, hovering above the table at near 90 degree angles, all hoping to get the perfect shot of today’s banquet of flat-laid-food and coffee. It’s been 20 minutes of this. Their voices are distinct in a room filled with a professional in every chair, busy or taking a break from being busy. But these girls are on a different kind of busy spree. Theirs is a different buzz. They look for white walls and bright lighting while chattering about things it seemed only they understood. For another picture? A shoot? What these girls hadn’t known though, was they never needed any white brickwall or natural lighting to make them stand out. They were anything but your basic bunch of young creatives.

— Jas & I

My summer internship program with Team ABC has just ended, and as our final assignment, my talented co-intern Jas and I teamed up to write this. It was really fun to work on because we got to explore and experiment with writing styles and most of all because it’s personal. It’s our way of commemorating and saying thank you to the entire experience and more importantly to the talented and lovable bunch people who made it possible.

Read about it over at LeRêveur by Abbey Sy.

We had a little graduation ceremony yesterday at Lōla Cafe and it was one of the rare times we were complete for pictures.


Jas, Tina, Katsy, me, Sofia, Christie, Abbey & Tricie in our usual state of weirdness


photos stolen from everyone

Featured image: Art & photo © Abbey Sy 

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