The way we get by

*This is to anyone out there who’s feeling a little hurt and maybe even rejected or betrayed. One way or another, we’ve all been there. Most of all, this is for my friend. And because I’ve been there, here’s what I wanna say. 

Nights are long and hard
Your eyes just burn out trying to marathon your favorite series
Because you’ve been crying all day
And you’ve never felt more alone at 2:30
You’re tired but you can’t stop thinking
So you try to sleep it off
You doze off with tears rolling down the side of your face
Blotting your sheets and wetting the pillow you used to hug
But you sleep all curled up hoping not to dream
And the next thing you know it’s already morning
You survived the night and the birds are chirping
But mornings are even harder than the nights before
You have to pull your own weight out of bed
Forced to face another day, like yesterday, the day before
When will it all be okay?
The lovely bitter taste of coffee you used to adore
Is just the bitter medicine you take to keep you going
So you can go about your day without saying a word
Of the billions of thoughts nobody needs to hear
Looking like the opposite of how you feel inside
And in a room full of people you still feel alone
But it gets better
You no longer ball your eyes out to sad songs in the bathroom
Slowly without even noticing, you forget to remember them
You begin to laugh at the funniest sitcoms
And live out new good days
With new people or completely on your own
And though you miss them and you still search for them
Familiar faces in crowds and corners here and there
You just remind yourself again of why you walked away
Cause you know your worth
Because love shouldn’t have to be that difficult
And loving you really isn’t
And you believe that there’s a big world out there
You have a long way to go
So anyone who wants to be a part of it will make the ride with you

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