*So today existentialism class was pretty interesting and I’ve had random interesting conversations too

The Übermensch translated as an overman or superman, is a human ideal that strives to overcome the bad and the other. Setting oneself apart and aside from society’s many influences and everything the world throws, ûbermensch paves the way for one’s own destiny as it dances with life to its own free spirit. Although not perfect, it’s second to it.

“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”—Nietzsche

“Humble beginnings. Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

“But I wanna be Ireland.” — {the strange things I say}

I wanna be strong and happy. I wanna be better.

In line with everything, I just have to share that like a number of places in the Northern hemisphere, there’s a place in Ireland called, the Dark Sky Reserve, wherein every two years, the stars line up with a trail on the ground. This place is called The Heaven Trail.

I wanna be strong, happy, and freezing plus dancing plus probably freaking out under these stars someday.

Featured image: Winter constellations over St. Finian’s Bay near Ballinskelligs, Ireland © Steve Owen, International Dark Sky Association


one of the world’s rare wonders © NotaReindeerr

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