Adventures of a scaredy cat

Disclaimer: I’m one of those scaredy cats that enjoy the thrill of being scared but I’m still a scaredy cat.

I just wanna share that during the last two weeks, I spent most of my days gathering true accounts of paranormal experiences in my school and writing these down at night. Most of the time I’m completely fine or even excited, but other times… Just no.

Sometimes I’d get really hungry but the trip down to the kitchen just doesn’t seem so worth it anymore thinking about the hallways, stairs, glass doors, and windows I’d have to pass. Like a true survivor, I feasted on a tiny piece of stale cracker, those dried seed-based ones. I’ve gone to the extent of messaging random friends to “let me know when you’re going to bed. I won’t bug you, I just need to know.” Silly me, of course I’d end up writing past midnight until it hits 3am and my paranoia’s gone wild. I would then have to wait till that god forsaken hour is over so I finally get to sleep but wake up two hours later to go to school. I also had an episode of sleep paralysis or bangungot a few nights ago but I didn’t wanna make anything of it since it’s probably just fatigue induced. That’s what I tell myself anyway. Rewriting and reediting the same spooky stories for an article for some nights in a row, the images of the accounts are so etched in my memory, I’ve gotten kinda numb to it all.

It’s a beautiful gloomy day and I’m at home catching up on more writing. Remembering I had to do a little blurb on another scary thing, lo and behold I choose to write about The Exorcist (I’d link the trailer but that would mean actually searching and opening the video but I’m too chicken for it right now so be my guest). I’m trying to remember parts of the movie and its entirety and it already gives me ze shivers. I Google’d the film’s details just to confirm and opened a few review tabs which unfortunately have gifs, pictures, and videos spread out on their pages. Thanks a lot, I am now officially shaken up. Mini heart-attacking as I’m holding out my hand to cover the screen, obviously failing. I think I’ll just rely on memory, rushing to finish this before sundown. Wish me luck! ๐Ÿ‘ป

*Just to look for a cover image for this post I had to go on Tumblr and type scary… bad idea. Using a friendly photo instead weeee

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