Aidee Currently 1004

Greetings, earthlings! 🌏👽

If you haven’t noticed on the right side of my blog and you scroll down a bit more, you’ll see a CURRENTLY section.

2015-10-04 17.50.36

favorite shade of pink, favorite shade of denim, much coveted coat and jeans

Although I already have my Transit Terminal series, I’ve been updating the Currently portion more over the last month and a half because I’m back in school. Meaning I don’t have enough time to write very detailed Transit Terminal posts huuhuu and that being a routine, there aren’t big and new things going on all the time unlike back in the summer.

I’ll be updating the section every so often, like a zillion times a week if I can then I’ll be posting Aidee Currently’s once in a while whenever there’s a drastic update, yay. This is just as fun on its own cause I get to post snippets of my life especially my ever changing into’s and up-to’s. (Images don’t belong to me, unless they actually do)

These are just some of my quirks, the little things that take up my time, and I guess you can say what’s up. Enjoy! ☺

Featured image: Maxime Guyon © Carré Blanc 

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