Here’s the third edition of Aidee’s High Definition (Movie) Database. These are the latter half of the movies I caught last August (yes, it took me thissssss long to write summaries, and I kept stopping huuhuu I actually gave up writing summaries for the last 7 and for future posts cause I just figured they’re Google-able zz and they take a while or too long to write as you can see) but I recall being especially fond of the ones on this list whenever I was just lucky to catch em on TV.

Featured image: River Oaks by hyperrealist artist © Davis Cone (2013)
*Look closely at the text in the painting 😛

jurassic park

Jurassic Park (1993)
best theme song everrrrrrr

Theme parks enthusiast slash billionaire John Hammond fulfills his life’s dream by introducing the world to its first genetically reconstructed dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, an interactive attraction for the world to enjoy. He invites paleontologists Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler, and mathematician Doctor Ian Malcolm to first tour the island before its launch. But they soon discover that although it’s every paleontologist’s dream, this isn’t a good idea. A mutated ecosystem of dinosaurs created out of prehistoric DNA and some reptiles and amphibian’s genes is against the laws of nature. There’s a reason why evolution didn’t favor them in the survival fittest. True enough, the scientists and the park’s facilities are unable to control the creatures, and everything goes wrong right when Hammond’s grandchildren are touring the island.

This movies is just revolutionary, haha! Especially for its time. It’s both a nightmare and a dream. I get a kick out of watching this every single time. I still get chills whenever those bloody raptors are out on a hunt. I get excited when I see Mr. T-rex. I get goosebumps when I hear the iconic theme song in different ranges. And I’m this close to memorizing the script in my head. If you love me, you will go on a Jurassic Park + Jurassic World marathon with me and skip The Lost World. 

Blended (2014)
I’m every woman

Widower Jim and divorcée Lauren are take a dive back into the dating world for the sake of their children but they’re off to a bad start. It’s a nightmare of a first blind date at Hooters over meaningless conversations and 0 chemistry over the heads. But the two just keep bumping into each other finding themselves in the most awkward situations, including a midnight run to the local supermarket and a vacation to the same South African resort. Forced to share the same hotel suite and participate in intertwining family activities, Jim and Lauren learn they have more in common than a couple of kids. They might just be off to a better ending.

It’s pretty entertaining and like all Adam Sandler films, it’s family-oriented so I’m gonna rate it a G13 a lot of family fun plus a Terry Crews bonus. This is probably the third or fourth Adam-Drew movie there is and it’s a light watch for everyone. 


Unfriended (2014)
everyone knows you shouldn’t chat with the dead

Who’s BIllie227? Everyone’s trying to get the glitch out of the Skype group video call. Is it any coincidence this is happening on the death anniversary of they’re good friend Lauren who committed suicided exactly a year ago after a drunk video of her went viral. Billie 227 soon reveals herself as Lauren along with a bunch of scary antics and dug out secrets from their past. Blaire, Mitch, Adam, Ken, Val, and Jess each confess to their darker pasts as they’re forced to play games with Billie. But can they finish the game without killing each other or being killed themselves?

Thankfully I watched this on the plane so I didn’t freak out cause even if it wasn’t as scary as most horror movies, I still wouldn’t dare watch stuff like these alone at home, especially on my own Macbook cause it’d seem too realistic. I won’t be sure if what’s going on in the movie is just the movie or my worst fears, going on in my own laptop, haha. I think that’s the scariest bit for me, the fact that it happened online where most of us spend time in. There’s just so much hate and high school drama in this movie which is what makes it a laugh. 


Poseidon (2006)
why I’ll never go on a cruise 

Just a few minutes after they welcome the new year, a huge tidal wave capsizes Poseidon, a luxury North Atlantic liner. But it’s no ordinary tidal wave. It’s a rogue wave: completely undetected and lethal. Everything is turned upside down and either burning or submerged in water. Despite crew’s orders to stay calm and wait for rescuers, some of the survivors team up to make the dangerous way up the now-180-ship’s bottom to find an exit before they sink with the rest of the ship.

I heard the original’s nicer than this one but since I haven’t seen it, this is pretty fine for me. I get scared enough by the whole idea of being stuck in an upside down ship. I think I cried a couple of times cause calamity plots make me cry. 


The Stepford Wives (2004)
perfect isn’t normal

New Yorker Joanna Eberhart moves her family to the quiet suburban town of Stepford in Connecticut. The town almost seems perfect, a little too perfect that Joanna has a hard time adjusting to the lifestyle and cookie cutter crisp air. While her husband warms up to the environment, there’s something quite mysterious about the neighborhood’s women except for Bobbie whom she shares the same sentiments about what’s normal and what’s not. All the other women are extremely devoted to their husbands and housework while maintaing an identical plastered smile on their faces. Joanna tries to unravel the secret of this suspicious town.

I wanna see the original since this is the remake and I heard the older one’s a lot creepier. I think Nicole Kidman’s perfect for the role though and Matthew Broderick’s just adorable as usual. I also love the color schemes and the whole setting in a picture perfect suburban neighborhood where every house smells like freshly baked cookies and everybody looks like they’re on the way for a day out in the country club dressed in pastels, haha. 


Troy (2004)
let them say I lived in the time of Hector, tamer of horses.. let them say I lived in the time of Achilles 

Paris, Prince of Troy has stolen the Spartan King Menelaus’ wife, Helen, the prophesied beauty who would launch a thousand ships, and so she did. Based on Homer’s Illiad, this is the movie adaptation of the battle between Troy and Sparta. This is one man’s war and every man’s war. Menelaus’ brother, King Agamemnon sees this an opportunity to declare war on Troy, the last kingdom he has yet to conquer in the Aegean sea. But he cannot win without the greatest warrior of them all, Achilles. Achilles fights for himself, he fights for glory and no king. If he stays in Greece he will grow old and have children who will remember him, but if he goes, he will die in battle and be remembered forever.

Can I just say that Brad Pitt had to gain 20 pounds of muscle just to bulk up for this movie? Haha! It’s no where near perfect but I have a couple of favorite lines from this movie, like when Achilles tells Perseus that “the gods envy us” because “any moment might be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we’re doomed. You will never be lovelier than you are now. We will never be here again.” I also think the battle between Hector and Achilles was epic. Eric Bana versus Brad Pitt. Choose. 


Confessions of A Teenage Drama Queen (2004)
bottle cap necklace 

“Goodbye New York, Goodbye Broadway.” Mary Elizabeth Cep was an aspiring actress in New York until she’s forced to move to suburban New Jersey with her mother and sisters. Now going by the name of Lola, she’s determined to make a name for herself despite the distance from the Big Apple and Broadway by joining the school play. She makes friends with a reserved goody two shoes named, Ella who is also a huge Sidarthur fan. After landing the lead role of Eliza in a modern adaptation of Pygmalion, she butts heads with the school’s most popular girl, Carla Santini who guarantees to make life a living hell for ambitious Lola. With a whole lot of courage and a twist of good fate, she and Ella wind up in New York for Sidarthur’s last concert and spend a crazy memorable night with who other than lead singer, Stu Wolf, who apparently is nothing close to what Lola’s dreamt of all her life. She finds out that a lot of realities are nowhere near everything she’s imagined.

I was a huge Lindsay Lohan fan before she went down another road and this movie came out right before that. I think the thirteen year old me saw a lot of myself in this movie. I was a huge fan of Bon Jovi, really dedicated and into theater, and more importantly a giant dreamer too. I still think this is a fun movie. That Stu Wolf guy was really cute too?? 


Labor Day (2013)
peach pieeee

Escape convict Frank approaches 13 year old Henry during a Labor Day supermarket haul with his mother. Injured and in need, he manages to intimidate Henry and his single mom Adele to take him in till he’s healthy enough to make his escape. He earns their trust and fixes every crack and corner of their old house throughout the weekend. Frank becomes a father figure to Henry and a new man’s presence to the reserved Adele and they wish to flee to Canada. But as word is out of a manhunt, will their escape to a new start be safe one?

There’s something really haunting and just downright sad from start to end and I think it’s just really depressing to watch during Labor Day haha. Not much to say but I just really liked that peach pie in the movie and everything else it symbolized. It also made me crave a peach pie… hmm, where can I get one?


The Bucket List (2007)
bury me in a can on top of a mountain

Have you found joy in your life? Has your life brought joy to others? Billionaire Edward and mechanic Carter are worlds apart until they find themselves in the same hospital room, facing the same fate of a terminal illness. On a whim, they scribble a bucket list of the things they’ve always wanted to do and on they go. From racing sports cars, to the most expensive dinners across the world, from laughing so hard they cry, to witnessing something magical, they come to terms with their loved ones and dreams on an attempt to cross off everything on the sheet of paper within numbered days. 

It’s one of those really entertaining movies that’ll make you kinda giggle then shed a tear or two and then sigh with a smile. People criticize it a lot but I think it’s more of a fantasy than anything and that’s the charm. It does what most of us don’t and won’t. Many of us live completely different lives, yet not only do we share the same fate in the end, most of us just really share the same dreams, ultimately we will also share the same appreciation for the little things. Also there’s this quote from the movie that I really like,

“I know that when he died, his eyes were closed and his heart was open, and I’m pretty sure he was happy with his final resting place because he was buried on the mountain, and that was against the law.”


The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004)
mattress surfinggggg 

There’s a royal wedding in Genovia. Unless Mia finds a husband among the array of eligible and not-so-eligible bunch of bachelors to choose from, the crown won’t stay in her family. It’s already been 5 years since discovering she was a princess back in San Francisco. Fresh out of college, the Queen-in-training balances royal tradition while bringing in her own brand of 21st century change under careful media scrutiny and criticism following her candidness and clumsiness along the way.

Chris Pine and Princess Mia do make a lovely couple, don’t they? You can’t like the first Princess Diaries and decide to skip Princess Diaries 2. Admit you get some sorta thrill watching every bit of it no matter how old you get. Garden parties, the loveliest regal room in cream shades, kitchen service, giant walk-in closet, mattress surfing… why not? I know it’s a princess movie and that might make it corny but the movie makes being a princess today still seem so cool. It’s a lovely idea. It’s also like watching Anne Hathaway grow up.

finding forrester

Finding Forrester (2000)
typewriter apartment draft

The movie has a charm of its own. Very late 90s, in the other part of New York. I guess there’s something about an unlikely bond between an old recluse Scottish novelist and a young African American athlete. As an aspiring writer I can only hope I could relate and as a person from the other end of the world, the way I see it, it’s one of those “only in New York” scenarios so sign me up! But seriously, it’s a touching story.

“No thinking — that comes later. You must write your first draft with your heart. You rewrite with your head. The first key to writing is… to write, not to think!”


Leap Year (2010)
Louis and Bob

Although I’ll never be too comfortable with the leap year marriage superstition, I respect all the women out there who have the guts to talk to a guy first, what more wedding proposals? Grouchy country guy and high maintenance city girl… It’s a rom com set in Ireland which I really really really really really love! This set up my expectations for dreamy wedding proposals and adventures in the Irish countryside. Matthew Goode’s perfects the I’m-jaded-but-I’ll-take-care-of-you-thing or the I-act-like-I-hate-you-cause-you’re-annoying-but-I-secretly-kinda-like-you-thing. 


The Bodyguard (1992)
orange juice, straight

I am only giving this 5 stars because I can’t pass up the chance to watch this every time it’s on HBO. Not really sure why? When I was younger, I’d go home from school on Fridays and spend that awkward time between finding something to do and dinner just watching TV. Back then HBO played older movies every Friday afternoon. Growing up, well like most little kids I wasn’t too open minded about movies but when HBO finally did this, I got the hang of just watching almost everything they’d screen during this hour because the line up was relatively interesting.  I remember watching The Bodyguard, a fairly long movie, as the sun would set and it grew really dark in the room but I’d keep the lights switched off. My eyes would start hurting by the time people started dying in the movie, haha. Until now on days I have a lot of time for cheesiness, I’d watch this. Whitney Houston’s character has always been really annoying throughout the movie, BUT KEVIN COSTNER. KEVIN COSTNER. ‘Nuff said. 


Cinderella (1950)
Cinderelly, Cinderelly! 

Apparently I have little to no recollection of watching the original Cinderella growing up. Perhaps just some pictures from one of the books but I vaguely remember the film. I remember I used to not like blonde princesses so much? No wait, Aurora was one of my favorites though, maybe Cinderella looked kinda too dainty and prim and proper for me. I wasn’t really a princess-kid. But since I loved the 2015 live action version so much, on the flight home from Singapore, I decided to watch this. It was good fun! What a classic. And to think they made all that back in 1950? The mood, the colors… What a treat! 

about alex

About Alex (2014)
can’t find peanut butter in Normandy

I don’t wanna say too much and I don’t wanna spoil anything but I don’t dislike anything about the movie. I love the setting, I love the soundtrack, I love the cast, I love the characters and their witty witty lines. I don’t wanna compare them to a more serious version of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. because these guys have their own humor and no, they don’t live together nor do they meet up in a coffee shop ever so often. I also don’t wanna compare them to How I Met Your Mother for the whole dating each other aspect, because they manage to fit in all those butterflies, chemistry, conflict, and suspense into one film without a billion years of Ted Mosby just telling a story? (Not a huge fan) And I don’t wanna use the word, millennials, but I guess I just did. The amount of banter that goes on. Watch it, then hit me up and let’s talk about who your favorite character is and why over coffee or watermelon. I’ve got plenty to say about who should’ve ended up with who, while the soundtrack can play in the background too. Hi, Max Minghella, you’re kinda hot, handsome, and cute, and mysterious wah. 😍


Serendipity (2001)
favorite word in the world 

This is a good Christmas watch for anyone looking for both a rom com and a light Christmas movie. The reason I gave it a four and not a five is because a lot of the suspense killed me. The little cynic in me was all like, “this isn’t gonna happen to me.” Haha! But if you need a bit of sparkle, cheese, hot chocolate, and love, then watch this. For a minute or two, it makes me believe in serendipity. 

chances are

Chances Are (1989)
in my heart you’ll be forever young

Unlike most people who took notice of the famous RDJ during his career comeback role as Iron Man, I first saw Robert Downey Jr., when I was a lot younger. This was a random old flick showing on HBO on one of those Friday afternoons. I was glued to the TV and though I never caught the title, I always brought it up to my mom cause I never forget the movie. I found it again just recently and decided to give it a watch and it was as good as new! It’s weird to say almost every scene was my favorite; however, the song wherein she lets go of her hair as she drives down the road and Rod Stewart’s Forever Young is playing in the background was a perfect montage for me. Definitely now one of my all time faves, if not favorite rom com; this movie is the epitome of charming. 

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