Calling It Quits

Used cigarette butts disguise themselves among the dust and rubbish that line the sidewalks along Taft Avenue. It’s 7am, and only hours before, the last of the Happy Thursday goers staggered back to their dorms or into cabs. Small bars and condo units make for centers of excellence in drugs and cheap booze. And to many, this marks the quintessential college experience.

People tend to refer to the calm before the storm a lot, but above is a picture of the calm after the weekly storm that takes over establishments outside my campus. It’s quit engraved into our culture as a university. And if you walk around Taft on an early Friday morning, you realize there’s something oddly mystical about the after bit.

I wrote this for an article in the school paper and it’s about the under appreciated efforts people go through when they finally decide to give up on something they love because its done them more harm than good.

The journeys of those fighting to get away from the devil in a red dress in the form of their favorite Marlboro lights are filled with wistful stories of loving and leaving some of life’s unprecedented highs.

— {yours truly}

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