The Sunday Currently Vol. 1

*Something I picked up years ago but never got to doing from Camie Juan, by Lauren of Siddathornton. Hopefully this is the first of many habitual posts on Sundays 😄


R E A D I N G through this NYTimes article, Returning to a Gentler Gotham which is about the author’s impressions of New York City then and now. I especially love reading non-romanticized accounts of real life today in the big city. And an Interview with a Bookstore: Penn Book Center which is just one in a series of interviews conducted with people who own or work in bookstores

W R I T I N G supposedly a draft for Ancient Philosophy class and a spoof article for the April Fools issue of the school paper, but I guess I’m writing this post for now

L I S T E N I N G to Shura’s Indecision ~it may be over but there’s something you should know, you’ve got my love, boy, you’ve got my love~

T H I N K I N G about where to begin organizing my files and of future posts

S M E L L I N G V&M Naturals‘ Oranges Brulee fragrance, which I just picked up in a bazaar last week as one of my summer parfums as I’m running low on the stuff I’ve been using the last six months, thought of switching it up with the season

W I S H I N G this week in school goes by nice and easy (like that old people radio station my dad listens to) cause the last couple of weeks in school have been hell and I’ve been getting sick a lot… Also wish my skin clears up, I might be getting a bad reaction from god knows what but I’m all red and irritated, a bad mix of burnt, dried, and sensitive, yikes

H O P I N G  this is the first of many Sunday Currently’s aaaaand something wonderful happens tomorrow, the 29th cause it’s leap year day

W E A R I N G a denim dress and mockenstocks (mock-Birks?)

L O V I  N G this Spearmint & Oatmeal soap from Ilog Maria I thankfully found in my bathroom cabinet one day, it’s one of those oatmeal soaps that’s actually filled with oats, not just on the top layer plus it smells perrrrrfect 😍

W A N T I N G at least two free cuts this week! And a nice creamy cup of coffee

N E E D I N G to sleep early, update my computer, transfer files, sync my phone gah

F E E L I N G my face hurt huuhuu and aches all over from my gym trial two days ago

C L I C K I N G through YouTube

The Sunday Currently is a blog link-up by siddathornton.

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