The Sunday Currently Vol. 2



R E A D I N G nothing as of now but if it counts I’m going to be reading and memorizing a ton of stuff about David Hume and Emmanuel Kant for my next Modern Philosophy test which I badly need to score high in

W R I T I N G this post and maybe making a personalized coupon thingy

L I S T E N I N G to Downtown Train by Rod Stewart

T H I N K I N G lots of scattered thoughts about some decisions I might regret, classes I need to put extra work into, a long lineup of

S M E L L I N G the faint apple hints of uncooked instant oatmeal and peanut butter for my daily shake

W I S H I N G I’d have a more eventful set of weeks and not just school-related things to do

H O P I N G I pass all my classes and I get to make the most of my time with people on their last month of school before they graduate and that I get to see my grandparents more and soon

W E A R I N G a printed sundress my cousin gave me on my 19th birthday because summer is here

L O V I  N G the box of Waitrose English Breakfast tea I bought on sale last week because the grocery was giving a discount on all English products for the Great British Festival

W A N T I N G the new 1975 album, not just the download even if I’d have not much to do with it haha and a really specific cute and comfortable pair of white sandals

N E E D I N G to set more time to read for my classes but for now I might make myself a shake or a cup of tea or before preparing for dinner with my godparents and family

F E E L I N G contemplative and definitely not in the moment just in my head, going through what I’ve done, dreading what I have to do, and hoping to do better

C L I C K I N G well scrolling through visually appealing Twitter pages

The Sunday Currently is a blog link-up by siddathornton.

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