Welcome to the Grand Budapest 2016

*I feel compelled to share some good news every now and then. This is the kind of photojournalism I hope to be a part of 😊

Sometimes it’s the things that make the least sense, the last of our ideas, that make up the ingenious. And that’s precisely how “an out-of-season Swedish retreat became a temporary home for 600 refugees this year.” The Atlantic’s Emily Anne Epstein and Pascal Vossen have captured life Inside a Ski Resort for Refugees.

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There’s something quite fascinating about the human activity captured through these lenses. The normalcy of it all amidst the tragic circumstances gives me a mix of despair and hope.

It’s fun, it’s boring, well, it’s life. And it’s good to see ordinary life settle in a place where nobody stays more than a week or two. Correction: for them it’s great to be alive. A place for vacation to most has now been converted into a refuge, a temporary home. ‘There’ll be snow on the ground tomorrow’ is as certain as it’s gonna get. Cups that used to serve overpriced hot chocolate with the optional mallows to top it off are now where they drink warm water from. Before moving into this winter wonderland of a refugee camp, finding potable water was probably a luxury for the survivors too. It puts everything into perspective: it’s actually a luxury to have a cup of anything nowadays whether you’re at the neighborhood Starbucks listening to an overplayed playlist or you’re just thankful to have a roof above your head for the night and cup beside your bed.

More hotels and resorts ought to do this around the world 💙🌎🌍🌏 there’s room for everyone. It’s an idea M. Gustave of the Grand Budapest might warm up to, nyahaha 😀

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