Sign the petition: Keep Instagram Chronological

*About a week ago, the internet was taken by surprise upon hearing news of Instagram’s upcoming changes.

The feed will make a drastic switch from chronological to algorithm-based, as in more like the Facebook newsfeed. While this change was indifferently welcomed by half the world who wouldn’t be affected by these “updates”, a number of users had plenty to say about this, including myself, photographer Edmar Borromeo, and Cardiff based artist Belinda Love Lee 💚 (her IG feed is absolutely lovely, pun half intended but I mean it; it’s the featured image above), who immediately blogged about this issue. Below is my comment addressed to Instagram.

Dear Instagram,

Algorithm? Isn’t that what the Explore feed is already for? And I’m more than contented with that feature, including my timeline, and the homepage as it is.

This change will breed disorder and disinterest, especially for people who treat Instagram like a collective photo diary or those who’ve grown accustomed to scrolling through the homepage expecting to see everything laid out sequentially.

No algorithm will be able to honestly and accurately determine what’s “important” or relevant to me and what isn’t as relevant. This is especially if the algorithm is based on the number of likes, comments, and activity a post receives. Even my viewing or search activity is no accurate tool in determining my genuine interests.

Every account I follow is relevant to me, similarly every user should enjoy the right to fair exposure.

The chronological timeline widely celebrated now promotes a great sense of community online, bridging people from different parts of the globe. I don’t know, but I always enjoyed seeing the kind of real-time-activity going on in the other side of the world, starting the day, just as I’m about to head to bed.


my take on a great app for creatives

Please sign this petition 😞 NOT ALL CHANGE IS GOOD. This is to support start-ups, creatives, small businesses, and just about anyone who enjoys the great app as it is. If you haven’t heard, Instagram is just about to become more like Facebookalgorithm basedmeaning popular posts will appear on the top of the home feed. This also means the app will be gathering everyone’s activity in order to (inaccurately) determine what’s relevant to you and what isn’t as relevant. Besides, that’s what the Explore feature is already for. Goodbye organized timelines and make way for more likes-driven users. Please sign this because every user deserves fair exposure. Sign the petition because scrolling through your chronological timeline has become a part of your daily routine. Sign to keep Instagram a community for growing content-makers.

2 thoughts on “Sign the petition: Keep Instagram Chronological

    • aideehd says:

      Thanks for caring and speaking out about it too! Keep up all the lovely work and good luck with the move ☺️

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