The Sunday Currently Vol. 3

*Wasn’t sure whether or not it was right for me to post a Sunday Currently today because I haven’t been my best but I guess it’s all about keeping it real. I can’t just post Sunday Currently’s of pretty Sunday afternoons cause those aren’t always the case. This might be a nice break from my dismal proses. 


found this on Twitter and it was captioned “bruised with longing”

R E A D I N G an e-book and a powerpoint and a sticky for my 7:30 am presentation tomorrow morning then some of my scattered notes once I find them for an oral test the following day

W R I T I N G typing the things I’m reading from above^, then if I have time, a crammed synthesis paper of everything I didn’t learn this term also due tomorrow, and a whole lot of sad prose/posts that fail to be vague in between if you’ve noticed

L I S T E N I N G to Only You by Sensi Sye & Keep Me In Mind by Cape Cub as I’ve just gotten past my three-day sentimental movie soundtrack phase then made a switch, I will hesitantly admit, to some 2013 Avicii just last night (might share this in a separate post)

T H I N K I N G about what toooo dooooo aand yeah

S M E L L I N G nothing really I just took a shower too

W I S H I N G I get to spend my birthday how I wish to spend it (this is redundant but hey, am I granted some special birthday week wishing dust? pleaseplease)

H O P I N G  it doesn’t have to be that way and I’m not too too too late and out of hope and luck and chances and junk

W E A R I N G a purple shirt from an event that was all the hype back in my senior year in high school and my rose-colored boxers & my newly washed eyeglasses cause the nose bridge gets oily yikes

L O V I  N G from a distance the things I shouldn’t have been silent bout appreciating and loving back then wah, entertaining guests at home spontaneously, guests who like to drink coffee or tea so I can get preparing, my parents for being so supportive of me despite my many recent failures and shortcomings, and I guess 2013 Avicii, nobody dare judge me I was a huge fan and still am of his older stuff

W A N T I N G the temperature outside to drop cause I think about the people in the streets who don’t have a place to stay and live directly under the cruel cruel rays of the sun without potent water this summer aaand repeat all hopes & wishes from up there^ cause I’m greedy huuhuu wah

N E E D I N G to accept and take responsibility gracefully for the consequences of my actions and maybe stop proudly insisting that I don’t need anybody (again this is redundant) but I once in a while come across some good good people I wouldn’t want gone from my life and I’ll *need* ’em to stay just cause :c or I’ll insist it all over again till I believe it

F E E L I N G loss, lost, bad, blah, worried, warm, and afraid, like a deeply bothered bunny

C L I C K I N G through the red line on YouTube to fast forward to my favorite parts in a song haha

*Okay that wasn’t a clean break from my dismal proses whoops. I was just candidly all over ze place. I’m a mess, peace.

The Sunday Currently is a blog link-up by siddathornton.

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