A year later

Today also marks a year since I launched my blog sooo happy one year of blogging in this space! 

I stopped sharing my posts and my blog for about half a year now because a lot of the posts have become personal and private. As I’ve been doing more writing related work, as with any work, it gets tiring. It’s a struggle to churn out A+ content that’s why I take writing breaks ever so often even though it’s never advised for writers. It’s quite the opposite. Writers are encouraged to write constantly to develop that write anytime not when inspired-skill. So for my blog, a lot of my content has become easier flowing ones rather than well written articles.

I’ll admit I had a few moments just a day or two ago when I wanted to give up on a lot of things and make a lot of drastic changes in my life, including this blog. I almost thought of switching sites, even switching back to my old blog where all the lost things go to be found, but hey I guess I didn’t. Still here.

It’s a little interesting although not very publishable that my recent writing has gone back to what it was before when I started out: therapy. Catharsis.

If you’re reading this and this isn’t your first time on my blog or hey maybe it is, thank you for dropping by! It’s always nice to know that my paper planes are going places. Who knows, one of them was meant to reach you afterall. ☺️

2 thoughts on “A year later

  1. Layla says:

    Hi! I’ve come across your blog via Abbey Sy. 🙂

    Keep on writing, your entries will take you places. I do feel the same way about making drastic changes, but I guess, that we still have to make the best of what’s here now. 🙂

    I’ll be coming back to your blog. 🙂

    • aideehd says:

      Hiii, Layla! Thanks for checking Abbey & I out 😊 and this is really sweet of you. I’m surely going to keep on writing. ✏️ That’d be great! So glad you stopped by and I’ll be dropping by yours in a bit

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