No now

*Most of our problems, well mine, are about other things and people, however they’re only bigger problems because I don’t act on them. 

Just say no. Just say no to a spoonful of sugar, friends who won’t quit the drama, and wasting away on your phone. Say no to thinking that unnecessary bad thought, no don’t even say it out loud for fun if there’s nothing nice to it. Say no to eating out of boredom. Say no to that inner voice telling you why you can’t and shouldn’t because you’re afraid and insecure. Just say no to that top you don’t really feel that great in and you won’t be wearing more than twice. No, you don’t have to go out next Saturday night. Say no to staying up another half hour and looking for things you’re better off not knowing. Just say no because you really ought to say yes to yourself and the life you’ve always wanted. It’s okay to say no.

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