The Sunday Currently Vol. 5


R E A D I N G through scattered responses from interviews I conducted for an article I’m way behind on. Lately I’ve been scanning through so many how-to type sites to guide me with sending emails haha. Thank you, Google. Going to be reading a lot of chapters from the epistemology book for finals this Thursday, bless me and my extremely short attention span especially for digital materials gah PDF books

W R I T I N G that article I’m way behind on. It’s about digital collage art. It’s proving a challenge in more ways then one. Never been this late on submitting an article wah. Also going to be writing an email right before bed to further inquire and confirm something something hmm haha

L I S T E N I N G to Your Side by Vaisle which I find is on a strange level of smooth & sexy. Me and You and Love In The Dark by Gateway Drugs which I highly recommend if you’re into synths

T H I N K I N G about beginning a coffee (plus other drinks) blog? Or just a segment here in this one for that topic? I follow a ton of people on Instagram that take photos of coffee, not just the latte art types though. But I don’t intend on decorating my feed with coffee. I do spend a good amount of time these days raving about coffee, boo. I’m really curious

S M E L L I N G change? Dramatic but my usual everyday fragrance has been out of stock. It’s not a luxury brand if you must know. It’s been out for a while that I worried they might never come out with it again. But the salesperson said I can expect it by November? That isn’t the only change for my nose though. The shampoo I’ve been using since birth (not kidding), well Johnson’s discontinued it after decades. I’m really bummed out. It’s an outrage for my hair and for my nose. No more tears? Yes tears. My hair isn’t so fun to sniff anymore..

W I S H I N G the weather stays cool or gets cooler without having to be a typhoon or destructive monsoon but I’m not complaining about the suspensions

H O P I N G I successfully “paint” my nails for the first time in years. Haha if you know me, I don’t know how to? I’m a slob. Also hope to enjoy the next few weeks whilst managing my time well. I’m not known for that haha! Hoping I pass the term with flying colors and move into the new phase with little to no roadblocks. Hoping I can balance out my impulses and plans, chill and responsibility at least till this week is up

W E A R I N G a spoof shirt that says, KICKASS, one of my most worn shirts to sleep

L O V I N G today. That’s why I wrote this post. Nothing particularly special about this Sunday but I’m beginning to like Sundays with family. I grew up hating Sundays. Today I liked that we ate somewhere new for lunch (hi Erwan Heussaff again haha) and had a few spontaneous minutes in the afternoon. I also got to practice driving around with my dad off to somewhere I haven’t driven to. Greater distances, yay. I picked up some Seattle’s Best for me and my dad and it was drizzling. How great is that? Although I almost hit an old lady he claims, it was fun for me. I’ve also been in a better mood perhaps because of my recent music finds too. I also seem to think I’ve gone through the worst weeks of the term already unless of course I’m underestimating this week and overconfident in my ability to get through it

W A N T I N G to blissfully and carelessly waste away in a coffee shop alone or with company. Believe it or not, I haven’t done this in so so long

N E E D I N G to form better habits like sleeping earlier and drinking more water. Though I’ve been drinking way more water this year than I did my whole life, I say this all the time but it’s just so hard to carry out consistently

F E E L I N G contented with my state of alone-ness? Sometimes busy, sometimes free. Sometimes happy, sometimes lonely

C L I C K I N G through photos of Thai celebrities? This is so random but they keep popping up and some of them are like the prettiest or most good looking people I’ve seen haha! There’s a family I follow. I also follow the Kramers locally

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The Sunday Currently Vol. 4


R E A D I N G up on some companies before I write them, introduction to epistemology when I find the discipline, and more importantly Frog and Toad and the Self by The Atlantic aaaand I finally got to catch up on the previous issues of Northern Living & Southern Living, my favorite local publications earlier over lunch

W R I T I N G individual cover letters and editing my resume in my spare time

L I S T E N I N G to Change of Heart by The 1975, my favorite from their new album and a follow up to my other favorite song from the previous album, Robbers

T H I N K I N G about biking or walking around the village with Dad in a bit. It’s been a daily exercise the last few weeks with my parents

S M E L L I N G the failure of my daily skincare, sensing the calm before the storm of allergic reactions lol. I’m smelling a very temporary lotion that I splash around exposed areas for when I jog later. Nonetheless the bugs still tick me off even as I move but I can’t find any effective insect repellent around the house. Also smelling the pale yet distinct chemicals and artificiality of cakey and probably expired makeup in my bathroom. I had just attempted practicing on my face once again but I ended up looking like… let’s just say, nothing close to the YouTube makeup tutorials. I was feeling really icky after 10 minutes so I wiped it out with some remover wipes I happen to be likely allergic to, so I’m smelling the residue of that too, haha

W I S H I N G for a longer summer break (not gonna happen)

H O P I N G to paint later? To take my online course on collage art more seriously heehee. And that the incoming term in school won’t be so painful to get through or anywhere near as painful to get through as the last one

W E A R I N G the super faded college PE shirt my mom borrowed from I-dont-know-who years ago and we never returned and I fortunately got away with never buying a uniform for my PE classes, haha. Now it’s really worn out and comfy

L O V I N G a very funny Hugh Grant who can’t speak in an American accent in Mickey Blue Eyes, my parents, lattes, rosey cheeks, and the color lavender all of a sudden

W A N T I N G to look like that PONY makeup Korean girl in these videos hahaha how how how, plus a bigger bicycle perhaps

N E E D I N G to have the discipline to send out some applications and to learn photoshop forrealz

F E E L I N G a summer hangover just because who wants to go to school, right? The medium sized Iced Breve from Seattle’s Best take effect quite calmly

C L I C K I N G through Hugh Grant videos and some sites so I can properly understand what a breve is just out of curiosity

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The Sunday Currently Vol. 3

*Wasn’t sure whether or not it was right for me to post a Sunday Currently today because I haven’t been my best but I guess it’s all about keeping it real. I can’t just post Sunday Currently’s of pretty Sunday afternoons cause those aren’t always the case. This might be a nice break from my dismal proses. 


found this on Twitter and it was captioned “bruised with longing”

R E A D I N G an e-book and a powerpoint and a sticky for my 7:30 am presentation tomorrow morning then some of my scattered notes once I find them for an oral test the following day

W R I T I N G typing the things I’m reading from above^, then if I have time, a crammed synthesis paper of everything I didn’t learn this term also due tomorrow, and a whole lot of sad prose/posts that fail to be vague in between if you’ve noticed

L I S T E N I N G to Only You by Sensi Sye & Keep Me In Mind by Cape Cub as I’ve just gotten past my three-day sentimental movie soundtrack phase then made a switch, I will hesitantly admit, to some 2013 Avicii just last night (might share this in a separate post)

T H I N K I N G about what toooo dooooo aand yeah

S M E L L I N G nothing really I just took a shower too

W I S H I N G I get to spend my birthday how I wish to spend it (this is redundant but hey, am I granted some special birthday week wishing dust? pleaseplease)

H O P I N G  it doesn’t have to be that way and I’m not too too too late and out of hope and luck and chances and junk

W E A R I N G a purple shirt from an event that was all the hype back in my senior year in high school and my rose-colored boxers & my newly washed eyeglasses cause the nose bridge gets oily yikes

L O V I  N G from a distance the things I shouldn’t have been silent bout appreciating and loving back then wah, entertaining guests at home spontaneously, guests who like to drink coffee or tea so I can get preparing, my parents for being so supportive of me despite my many recent failures and shortcomings, and I guess 2013 Avicii, nobody dare judge me I was a huge fan and still am of his older stuff

W A N T I N G the temperature outside to drop cause I think about the people in the streets who don’t have a place to stay and live directly under the cruel cruel rays of the sun without potent water this summer aaand repeat all hopes & wishes from up there^ cause I’m greedy huuhuu wah

N E E D I N G to accept and take responsibility gracefully for the consequences of my actions and maybe stop proudly insisting that I don’t need anybody (again this is redundant) but I once in a while come across some good good people I wouldn’t want gone from my life and I’ll *need* ’em to stay just cause :c or I’ll insist it all over again till I believe it

F E E L I N G loss, lost, bad, blah, worried, warm, and afraid, like a deeply bothered bunny

C L I C K I N G through the red line on YouTube to fast forward to my favorite parts in a song haha

*Okay that wasn’t a clean break from my dismal proses whoops. I was just candidly all over ze place. I’m a mess, peace.

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The Sunday Currently Vol. 2



R E A D I N G nothing as of now but if it counts I’m going to be reading and memorizing a ton of stuff about David Hume and Emmanuel Kant for my next Modern Philosophy test which I badly need to score high in

W R I T I N G this post and maybe making a personalized coupon thingy

L I S T E N I N G to Downtown Train by Rod Stewart

T H I N K I N G lots of scattered thoughts about some decisions I might regret, classes I need to put extra work into, a long lineup of

S M E L L I N G the faint apple hints of uncooked instant oatmeal and peanut butter for my daily shake

W I S H I N G I’d have a more eventful set of weeks and not just school-related things to do

H O P I N G I pass all my classes and I get to make the most of my time with people on their last month of school before they graduate and that I get to see my grandparents more and soon

W E A R I N G a printed sundress my cousin gave me on my 19th birthday because summer is here

L O V I  N G the box of Waitrose English Breakfast tea I bought on sale last week because the grocery was giving a discount on all English products for the Great British Festival

W A N T I N G the new 1975 album, not just the download even if I’d have not much to do with it haha and a really specific cute and comfortable pair of white sandals

N E E D I N G to set more time to read for my classes but for now I might make myself a shake or a cup of tea or before preparing for dinner with my godparents and family

F E E L I N G contemplative and definitely not in the moment just in my head, going through what I’ve done, dreading what I have to do, and hoping to do better

C L I C K I N G well scrolling through visually appealing Twitter pages

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The Sunday Currently Vol. 1

*Something I picked up years ago but never got to doing from Camie Juan, by Lauren of Siddathornton. Hopefully this is the first of many habitual posts on Sundays 😄


R E A D I N G through this NYTimes article, Returning to a Gentler Gotham which is about the author’s impressions of New York City then and now. I especially love reading non-romanticized accounts of real life today in the big city. And an Interview with a Bookstore: Penn Book Center which is just one in a series of interviews conducted with people who own or work in bookstores

W R I T I N G supposedly a draft for Ancient Philosophy class and a spoof article for the April Fools issue of the school paper, but I guess I’m writing this post for now

L I S T E N I N G to Shura’s Indecision ~it may be over but there’s something you should know, you’ve got my love, boy, you’ve got my love~

T H I N K I N G about where to begin organizing my files and of future posts

S M E L L I N G V&M Naturals‘ Oranges Brulee fragrance, which I just picked up in a bazaar last week as one of my summer parfums as I’m running low on the stuff I’ve been using the last six months, thought of switching it up with the season

W I S H I N G this week in school goes by nice and easy (like that old people radio station my dad listens to) cause the last couple of weeks in school have been hell and I’ve been getting sick a lot… Also wish my skin clears up, I might be getting a bad reaction from god knows what but I’m all red and irritated, a bad mix of burnt, dried, and sensitive, yikes

H O P I N G  this is the first of many Sunday Currently’s aaaaand something wonderful happens tomorrow, the 29th cause it’s leap year day

W E A R I N G a denim dress and mockenstocks (mock-Birks?)

L O V I  N G this Spearmint & Oatmeal soap from Ilog Maria I thankfully found in my bathroom cabinet one day, it’s one of those oatmeal soaps that’s actually filled with oats, not just on the top layer plus it smells perrrrrfect 😍

W A N T I N G at least two free cuts this week! And a nice creamy cup of coffee

N E E D I N G to sleep early, update my computer, transfer files, sync my phone gah

F E E L I N G my face hurt huuhuu and aches all over from my gym trial two days ago

C L I C K I N G through YouTube

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Aidee Currently 1004

Greetings, earthlings! 🌏👽

If you haven’t noticed on the right side of my blog and you scroll down a bit more, you’ll see a CURRENTLY section.

2015-10-04 17.50.36

favorite shade of pink, favorite shade of denim, much coveted coat and jeans

Although I already have my Transit Terminal series, I’ve been updating the Currently portion more over the last month and a half because I’m back in school. Meaning I don’t have enough time to write very detailed Transit Terminal posts huuhuu and that being a routine, there aren’t big and new things going on all the time unlike back in the summer.

I’ll be updating the section every so often, like a zillion times a week if I can then I’ll be posting Aidee Currently’s once in a while whenever there’s a drastic update, yay. This is just as fun on its own cause I get to post snippets of my life especially my ever changing into’s and up-to’s. (Images don’t belong to me, unless they actually do)

These are just some of my quirks, the little things that take up my time, and I guess you can say what’s up. Enjoy! ☺

Featured image: Maxime Guyon © Carré Blanc