transit terminal vol. 5

*I’m packing for a quick trip over the long weekend to visit my brother, so I thought of sharing bits of what life’s been like lately. It’s been busy but pretty good despite the chaos I’ve been learning more about the world and myself, alone and not


On a short summer break 🌞
Falling asleep to CNN/BBC
Survived the first term of my senior research
🌟 & I did surprisingly well 🌟
Sleeping earlier
Rethinking unhealthy relationships
Had a blood test 💉 and my results were a-ok!
Tidying up parts of my room little by little
Finished w my study desk and shelves and dresser
Waking up to IG stories from the west
Rediscovering literature I might want to read 📚
Seeing my grandmother more often
Read thru my magazine collection
Cut out some lovely pages ✂️
Following abstract artists
Watching vlogssssssss vlogs and vlogs
Following the French elections
Sundressing 👗
Thinking abt that decently priced giant latte at a Korean dessert cafe
Research on coconut oil and apple cider vinegar
YouTube yoga few times a week
🍳 Preparing my meals 🥑
Liking handpainted prints and patterns
✍️ Religiously updating my daily planner & daily gratitude journal 📒
Crushing on young Jeremy Irons and Ralph Fiennes
📱 Waiting for my first call from my BeMyEyes app! 🤓


Transit Terminal Vol. 4

*Just finished the term and got back from a weekend trip to Singapore, and here’s what life’s been like before, during, and until the next time I travel


A Singapore Airlines A380 is parked on the tarmac at the terminal of Changi International Airport. Photo: AFP

Got myself in and out of weird trouble that I was really shaken up about 😨
Improving my drinking 1.5 liters of water each day, though I should drink more 💧
Fluctuating on the flabby weighing scale
Inconsistently practicing beginners yoga from the discomfort of two mats in my room
Discovering how it’s really so hard to trust anyone nowadays
Disliking chatting for fear of being judged or misunderstood lolz
Mourning the passing of my grandfather Angkong in so many ways including love and joy
On a break from school because I chose an internship > senior practicum for now
👊 Starting my 9-5 life as an intern in a kick butt media marketing group! 💻
Having myself silent nights and a whole lot of me-time
Learning the secrets of oriental (Korean) skincare
Loving Igor from Young Frakenstein whom I think is one of the weirdest characters to grace film, now one of my favorites!
Jumping from one vlog to another
Spending lots and lots of time with family + grandma, and loving it 💞
🚗 Practice driving outsideeeee in the city finally (still can’t park)
Developing a more “moda” style and aesthetic?
Stalking vintage Parisian/Korean Instagrammers 📍 with raw, moody lit feeds 📷
Obsessing over manual brew coffee, coffee in general ☕
Bugged about my CGPA 😞
Still postponing the article I’m unsatisfied about gah
Just got back from some weird hormonal, sickness thing
Enjoying the start of bazaar season and meeting lovely folks in it
Restalked my fragrance, still waiting for my other staple
Craving Llao Llao’s Oreo Yogurt smoothie
Getting all spooked at night and losing sleep
Waiting to find the discipline to clean my room
Praying to find the self control not to purchase another 2017 planner lol
Planning some changes, fearing changes, going through changes

Featured airport: Changi Airport in Singapore

Transit Terminal Vol. 3

*I haven’t done the Transit Terminal series since last summer and now that it’s summer once again, while waiting to take off to elsewhere, here’s what I’ve been upto 


Updating my iTunes library with songs, not actual updates from Apple haha 🎶
Working on sharing my songs ^
Catching up on some sleep or trying 😴
Applying for a day job, wah I hope I hear back
Afternoon therapeutic painting w Dihiah’s hand-me-down Gouache 🎨
Throwing out/ recycling this term’s papers from my desk ♻️
Hydrating 💧
Reading the morose side of Twitter
Reruns of Say Yes To The Dress and Little People, Big World on the background, it soothes me
Third-wheeling my parents on their anniversary month
Keeping up with The Kramers against all my past social media family contesting haha they’re actually really local family goals
📌 Pinteresting as usual
Probably quitting on my Belle De Jour planner cause of changes & phases
Went to the gym a few times, lawl
Random hospital visits for various reasons 🏥
Slowly adding to my tea set, meaning I just got two tiny milk containers for a bargain
✍ Writing poetry and spontaneous prose and letters and notes
Also writing drafts and never actually posting them
🔖 Bookmarking articles for future reading
Nail biting ugh my bad habits
☑️ Reassessing my votes for the elections
Losing my appetite
🙉 Opting not to have a lot of conversations 🙊
Practice driving 🚘
🎀 On a Matilda high 🎀
Roaming around on my own
Looking for new trainers 👟 my 4-year-old ones just broke
Growing out my hair
🍓🍌 Fruits before meals and between 🍈🍍
Over thinking
Cycle of healing and hurting
Watching all sorts of badly rated but entertaining 90s movies 📽
💖 For the first time, supporting Miss Universe Philippines Maxine Medina 👑 she’s so pretty and pretty amazing too
Struggling to charge a camera 📷 (update: battery broke)
Looking for a water jug
Marathoning Dual Survival and Marooned with Ed Stafford on Discovery cause I wanna gauge what I won’t be able to do in that situation 🍃
Waiting for my big brother to come home
Last minute packing


Transit Terminal Vol. 2

*I know I haven’t blogged in a really long time so here’s my second Transit Terminal series consisting of what life’s been like recently. 


So for the two months that I stopped blogging, this is what I’ve been up to in no particular order…

Emails, more emails, and facing my fear of Excel 💻
Assistant editor duties, weeee
Copy writing
Type Lab MNL and YS Prom!
Internship work and fun 👭👭👭👭
Read The ABCs of Hand Lettering 
HBO and TLC 📺
Spontaneously hanging out with newer people
Flower arranging
Maximizing Google Drive
Reading Who What Wear everyday
Jurassic Park high
Upcycling ♻
Collecting digital art and pictures then having them printed
Finished reading (and gonna be writing a review about) Guardians
♥ Kate Spade love affair ♠
Long distance chats with my long distance friends, Grace & Mary
Gaining a ton of weight 🐽
Taking a break from serious writing, if possible
📷 Instagramming the white and bright
Bonding with my cousin, Olivia and babysitting Connor
Watching Whine About It 🍷on Wine Wednesdays with Matt Bellassai 
Obsessing with minimalist and geometrical tattoos
Then trying to sketch my own stencils ✎
Collecting lifestyle/art magazines usually for free haha and borrowing some more
✈ Went to CANADA (gonna blog about this)
Finishing packs of chocolate almonds and chocolate raisins
Wimbledon 🎾 Nadal & Federer forever though 👊
Cooking squid
Watching Lisa Eldridge tutorials
Then playing around with make up and still failing 💄
Skype 🌃🌏💕🌎
Not touching my phone as much
✍ Writing poetry and storms of prose and letters
Planning for an online art portfolio
Weird dreams, nightmares, and sleep paralysis 😰
Shopping and Chilli’s dates with my best friend, Gabby
Visiting family and looking at antiques
🎨 Finally tried painting faces and using color aaaand doing A LOT of this
Going to art galleries
🎈🙊Birthday surprises 🙈🎈
Fixated on wilderness stuff
A lot of alone time, some tears, and sadness

Featured airport: Hong Kong International Airport

This was the last airport I was in and it’s my favorite! I’m sort of convinced it’s the kind of airport the movie, The Terminal, could take place in. I can picture some shady lost Tom Hanks roaming around cause the place is so big and vast. A thousand connecting flights take place here so it’s a coming together and melting pot of east and west. There are shops in every corner, restaurants with a variety of cousins, and good views of the runway on all sides. I wouldn’t mind being left in this airport for an entire day if I had to wait for a connecting flight or something. Especially if it means an adventure, and it does look like the kind of place you’d have an adventure in.

Transit Terminal Vol. 1

*Writing this post because I just really have to start blogging regardless of my many reservations and excuses.

This Transit Terminal series I’m hoping to make a habit of updating is just going to be a random collection of the things I’m up to lately. “Transit” since I’m always on my way, and these are the things en route. “Terminal” because I’ve had this fascination with the life that goes on in airports ever since I watched that Tom Hanks movie. So these posts are little tidbits of what life’s been consisting of lately. They could also be previews of what I’ll be blogging about next.

I’ll also be featuring images of different airports in each post.


I’ve been on summer break and this is what I’ve roughly been up to the last month or so…

Growing out my short hair 💇
Finishing a giant jar of Kakor Chokladflarn (oat cookies and the only Swedish word I know) from Ikea, care of the best friend, thanks Gabs! 😁
Wearing shorts because being out of school means no dress code, yay
Scrolling through
Eating avocados on toast
Catching some La Liga and Champions League for nighttime tv ⚽
Taking ridiculous and ridiculous-er amounts of Buzzfeed quizzes
Drooling over Buzzfeed food videos
Recovering from reading a load of World War II and Romanov stories
Having skin problems
Admiring S&R’s recent shipment of Hostess treats, especially Ding Dongs
First time wall climbing and first time lifting 💪 (aka realizing how unfit and weak I am)
Writing articles
Slowly organizing files
Attending internship meetings and workshops
Watching Snap stories and getting jealous of people abroad
Listening to local indie artists from Peavey, plus a lot of reflecting ☯
Munching on green tea wasabi nuts
Watercolor painting, thanks Dihiah 🎨 though people have said my stuff look like Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew covers and I’m not sure how to feel about that
Being la loco for La Lola Churreria
Squeezing dinners and a road trip with girlfriends
Letting go of my planner (when will I ever learn)
Journal hunting
Wondering about the recent quake and calamity scares 😭
De-cluttering my study table and shelf
Breaking into my pair of Nike Internationalists
Collecting the charms of Lucky Charms cereal 🌈💜🍀 Yes, I pick em out one by one
Watching 80s bratpack movies, thanks Clark! ☺
Craving Japanese food 🍣🍱🍤 and Japanese iced coffee
Occasionally catching sunrises
And observing the different hues of summer sunsets
Finally following The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and San Francisco Chronicle (the schmarter, more useful journalist schtuff I have to read)
Telephoning 📞☎
Decorating my desk with stickers, postcards, and other special paper trinkets
♫ Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll | KYGO ♫
Watching Rolland Garros 🎾 and other clay court matches aired, Vamos Rafa 👊
Making plans for ze blog &
blogging, and I solemnly swear to blog some more 😁

Featured airport: Taiwan Taoyuan

This was the last airport I was in and I like it a lot. The views on the hour bus is really something, especially if you’ve mostly been staying in Taipei. It’s an escape from the city and being surrounded by skyscrapers and city sitings. It’s roughly a small airport, but in Terminal 2 there’s a great food court and I always have my best meals of the my Taiwan trips here. Lots of variety and lots of local-international mixes. They also have these cute foldable wax-lined paper cups by their drinking dispensers.