Tie it together

Something’s gotta give, an impossible numerical value against a system I may not get around to complying with, or the culminating and most important work in my student life. I think I’ve chosen the latter, but it’s not to say that I’ve given up entirely on my clerical work. I’ve put off behaving as though the paper meant a lot to me, but it does.

Something’s gotta give, and I gotta give the best of what I have in spite of the late start and the temptation of tapping out and being contented with mediocrity. I have a chance to do something relevant, and perhaps surprise myself in the ways words, thoughts, theory, and an attempt, can tie itself together. How will I tie it all together. I want to be able to create something a sensible yet bold set of verses that I can be proud of.


You can be the greatest
You can be the best
You can be the King Kong banging on your chest

Mary Lou “Lion Heart” Retton

*Since it’s Olympic season, although it’s barely televised over here, I just wanted to share a wonderful moment that happened to me in the sea of Simone Biles news.

This is Mary Lou Retton. She’s an Olympic gold medalist in artistic gymnastics. 🏅 She’s an icon. My uncle says she was America’s darling. She changed the face of gymnastics becoming the first American woman to win individual gold, beating the Romanians, who together with the Soviets, had dominated the sport for decades back then. Moreover, I just think she has this bubbly, energetic personality that made everything she did absolutely captivating. It translated on the floor.


Two nights ago I tweeted that 1984 was a golden year. And part of the reason I love 1984 so much is Mary Lou. Just look at her fire. 🔥 And to my amazement, she acknowledged the tweet! Her verified account. Just to make sure, I checked her likes and it’s not like she’s the type that goes around liking fan tweets, she mostly likes sports related announcements. Boy was I happy. I freaked out for a good 20 minutes. I really appreciate famous people that still acknowledge fans. It’s just a tiny effort on their part but it sure does brighten any fan’s day

I get so teary-eyed every time I watch this. Just listen to Bella Carolli energetically narrate history.

If it isn’t obvious, aside from tennis, artistic gymnastics is my favorite Olympic sport. Every four years, I look forward to seeing people achieve what looks like the impossible and I wish my folks enrolled me in gymnastics classes growing up. Hooray for small, strong people.

But there’s just something about gymnastics back in the day. It was a lot more about form, artistry, creativity, and grace. Today the athletes are inarguably pushed to physical limits, but it’s because the sport has centered on stunts and the difficulty of extreme flips and tricks. Props to Simone Biles for quite literally defying gravity and challenging physics. But I miss the performers. I think Mary Lou was one of the best performers out there and her perfect 10 athleticism that was no accident either. It was also just part of the technique that made up the rest of her show.

She’s such a hero not just because of her gold or perfect 10s but because of her fighting spirit. I just really look up to her flame. You can see it in her eyes and her candidness gives away her passion. Most of all you can see it in her smile.


Each of us has a fire in our hearts for something. It’s our goal in life to find it and keep it lit.

—Mary Lou Retton

Looking back

*Late October 21st, 2015 commemoration post slash more of a Michael J. Fox tribute..

He’ll always be Marty McFly in his hover board screaming “Doc!” in that iconic youthful voice to Back and the Future fans but only recently did I look into his health activist work. Yay for more disease awareness and support.

“I see myself sometimes… and i’ll just enjoy it for what it is and the time it was in my life and I dont have any… there’s no wistfulness in it. There’s no longing.”

—Michael J. Fox, about seeing himself on TV before Parkinson’s changed his life





go Johnny goo goo! Johnny B Goode

The Boy Who Was Made Of Stardust

*Here’s a little something and a song about one of the most special “things” I’ve ever come across. I’ve referred to this person as a ‘things’ because he’s one of those people I’m 99.69% sure is composed of a dozen other more special nameless things. Here’s to you. 😊

There was a boy who was made of stardust,
and he was born on the 24th of July.

Most people were just made of water and kale diets or fast food around a busy 9 to 5 schedule. But he was made of earth wind and fire. *Cue September* So he could breakdance with life and the galaxies that lived in and around him. He was also made of cannabis and nicotine. He smelled like it too. But he was one of life’s highs even without any of it. He was made of iced coffee he takes black, gummy worms, tuna sandwiches, and milk during midnight snacks. Cause I love milk and who doesn’t enjoy midnight snacks? He was made of great songs and all the colors of the sky that you couldn’t name once you watched night turn to day long enough. He was made of the same breathlessness you feel right before doing something you’re dead afraid of, yet he was also made of that longing to jump. He was made of a billion roads that didn’t lead to a home but a feeling that was pretty darn close to it, and being okay without it at the same time. He was made of six thousand punches and wings for soaring. But when I said he had galaxies living inside of him, I meant he was also a thousand lightyears away from where I stood.

Still, always have been, and always will be
a stardust completely of your own.

Keep blessing the world with that.
Happy Birthday!🎈


“Having a purpose is the little secret of the nonepretties. Something to do always beats something to look at.”

—Adriana Trigiani, Big Stone Gap

Yay, because not everybody was born to be a pretty girl, but every girl can live to be amazing. ☺

For Lasts

I have a thing for things that last.

―Criss Jami, Killosophy

This quote in all its raw honesty and simplicity just sums up my inner struggles and hopes that I set aside for “time to tell”.

Maybe it’s why old things have their own kind of unexplainable beauty brought about by time, from a time that’s already gone. And for a part of it to remain unchanged, for it to stay… In a world wherein nothing lasts, for some things to last… That’s pretty golden.