*Typed this up over a week ago on my phone when I was reminded that it’s okay to write poems and prose. I haven’t written any in so long since writing more serious things for school and work

I never liked the summer
No matter how they wrote it up in films
Of young romance and seasoned possibilities
Beach trips and tropical booze
Sunburns and how the sun burnt
But some days I find I don’t mind
How the light seeps through
All the corners of peach wallpapered rooms
How the shadows play on tiles and concrete
The occasional rainbow on the countertop
Passing through water bottles
Spaghetti strap sundresses
And sunkissed furniture
I think some days
I don’t mind the summer

had too much fun decorating this



*Truth be told, I’m one of those people that don’t take caffeine very well. If you know me, you’ve probably noticed that I have the capacity to be energetic and hyper without alcohol or anything else in my system, hence the effects of ‘not-child-friendly’ substances on me are the opposite of ideals, simply put: messy. It’s both a blessing and a curse. And as of this moment, I guess you can say, I’m writing this under the influence of coffee. Let’s see where this goes.

“Life is a roller coaster ride,” it has ups and downs, it’s scary yet exciting, and it’s best to enjoy it. For anyone who’s a bit of an adrenalin junkie (and I think we all have the potential to be), there’s truth in this widely known metaphor. Somewhere in between pressing deadlines, pending articles, and coming exams, I’m unwisely taking time off—time I barely have—to pause and actually ride with the thrilling bumps and gut-wrenching drops that the motion of life throws at each and every one of us. Unfortunately many tend to take for granted and simply dismiss as stress or just another stretch of busy days and longer nights. Although I sometimes slack off when it comes to finishing tasks that have to be done, deep down I’m a bit of a workaholic in my own right. Because admittedly and absurd as it sounds, I actually like working. Well, right after I’ve procrastinated 90% of the given time. There’s this unique buzz you get from being busy, and that’s the buzz of being productive. It’s that feeling after finally solving that math problem you spent half an hour on. It’s like that post-workout high when you know you’re gonna see the results on your body in two weeks despite the burn. It’s like that calm rush you get when you’re out of first gear and cruising smoothly on a traffic-free highway. And it’s the pat on the back you can finally give yourself when you’ve accomplished something no matter how big or small. It’s a bit of a love-hate relationship. People tend to lose track of where they’re headed because they confuse productivity for stress. They see the boulders on a mountain instead of appreciating the view. But being busy, especially when you’re doing what you love, is one of the closest things out there to feeling alive. It’s not exactly calm bliss, but at least you’re moving closer towards the clouds you’ve built your dreams on. To anyone feeling the weight of everyday ‘have to’s’ and ‘but I don’t want to’s’, remember that cheesy as it sounds, rainbows only do come after storms. In the mean time, while we’re all being thrown up and inevitably pushed down by the laws of gravity in this ride called, life, try letting out a little scream. And if you dare to stretch your arms up and out, you’ll feel the wind disheveling your hair, running in between and past through your fingers. It’s going to be a feeling unlike any other. So take a minute to ask yourself, what are the things that make you feel alive? Where are you going and why? Embrace that chase and enjoy the ride.

Here are some photos of me back in 2013 in Universal Studios, Singapore.  Fun fact: I have always wanted to go on a “roller coaster tour” around the world to ride every single scary of the scariest roller coasters out there before I get old.  IMG_0813




Rainbow Calling: It’s my best friend’s birthday

*It’s only sensible that I dedicate my first ever blog post to the person who’s been there for me since day (negative infinity) 01. gabbbss Hi everyone! This is my best friend, Gabby. ☺

For the ten years I’ve known her, I learned that her favorite color is purple but she has a sweet spot for all things pastel/mint green, like matcha green tea and mint chocolate, a sweet tooth for sour tape and an assortment of rainbow-colored candies, and she has the biggest heart to invite me to her house whenever she has a fresh batch of IKEA cookies and a new download of one of my favorite movies that she’d be willing to sit through with me on free days that come rare for her.

Speaking of rainbows, she doesn’t seem to know that throughout every storm I have gone through and will be going through, every rough stretch of days, weeks or months she inevitably fights through, she’ll be the rainbow I continue to look forward to—my constant, my favorite despite being my polar opposite, and my idol.

On the days you doubt yourself, I pray you believe in your own genius, your own talents, and that you’ve always always just been more than enough in all your Gabby-ness… to me at least, Gabs.

Happy Birthday and have a great day! You deserve nothing but the sun because you’re all the color my black and white (occasionally gray and blush) world is ever going to need. I love you to bits of Skittles because you love Skittles! 💕