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AideeEverAfter has been a solace, portfolio, hobby, safe space, and gallery of my growth and experiences. Thank you for dropping by an old home

Moving on from university, from old habits, other head spaces, and on to new places 🍃


Hey July, In Squares

*Better late than never, right? My phone was really at its weakest by this month so I barely took any photos. Apart from my usual eating and working habits, here are just some of the newer things I dove into last July. 

Museums: The old and the new

I was able to visit my grandparents and their place, during which I got to see old books, paintings, statues, sculptures, and photographs. It’s like walking into a time machine and getting to know bits of the lives of people you thought you knew all too well, but it proves there’s always more to people. The things people own, hoard, collect, and cherish can say a lot about them. There’s also a story behind every single keepsake.

I was also able to attend the Inspire Every Day 2015 launch hosted by the Ayala Museum, and it was an unforgettable experience. There’s just something about the idea of artists, struggling artists, and art enthusiasts alike, all coming together for the sake of… well what else? Art—without the usual fee and for a better cause. On the third floor, Juan Luna’s From Citadel to City stood beside Fernando Zobel de Ayala’s year round exhibition. I was surprised to say, my favorite of his minimalist pieces has been my favorite since I first visited during a grade school field trip. On the second floor, the exhibit Felix Laureano: First Filipino Photographer held hauntingly historical photos alongside the advances of photography in the country. Around the museum, workshops, activities, and craft sales took place and on the ground floor, four pillars were canvases to the thousands of 4 x 6 submissions by artists yet to be discovered.

As this year’s focus was on kindness, painter and illustrator Valerie Chua teamed up with the museum to arrange a kind of exchange of postcards where each person could choose one artwork from the massive collage that spoke to him or her the most, and take it home as a keepsake. At the back of each postcard were the names and contact details of the artists. I didn’t get to submit any (boo) but I sure was able to join in the excitement, rattle, and roll for the picking. When it was my turn, I spent 10 minutes unable to decide what to get. (Clue: Two of my faves are in the photo below)

My dad’s exhibit, Element, was a collection of round abstract expressionist works which take on the idea of the famous symbol of oneness in Taoism, the round yin and yang. His interpretation of it and his reflection on the metaphor of life is also an evolution in itself from his previous abstract paintings. I’m really proud of him and his growth as an artist, exploring different methods and playing with colors. Although he doesn’t like it when I talk about it, I hope to see more of his works and share to the rest of the world what he’s capable of and more importantly, how he sees things. 

I’ve also been experimenting and stepping outside my own comfort zones in terms of art. I dabbled with watercolor more and I started understanding the discipline through trial and error. Painting faces of my idea of beautiful women was something that kept me up for nights last July and it was both a challenge and guilty pleasure. My palette, although predictable, steadily remained pastel, but I’m not as afraid with opening up the brighter tubes of paint, apart from my usual hues of red and blue. Inspired by minimalist tattoo designs and geometric art, I had my hand in attempting to illustrate something simply by finding the shapes that consisted it. From there, I mapped out the image I wanted to illustrate. I hope I’ll have more time to do this in the future so I can begin combining different techniques and develop a more unique style.


Backpacks in a Tohoku Japan exhibition, Some of the works displayed during Inspire Every Day 2015, Dresses I couldn’t buy, Magazine fix, My granfolk’s room, Experimenting with geometry, My dad’s latest exhibition, A Spanish home

Hey June, In Squares

*I know this is really really late but here’s a quick summary of my half of June, in squares. This is halfway through my longest ever summer and although it seems like a pretty redundant routine that consisted of family, food, and work, it was a variety of those very crucial things for me. 

 Familia fat days

A family that eats together… well, we eat together. I spend a lot of time with my folks going around the city and… just EATING. My family’s form of bonding is over food, which is pretty fun, but it explains my constant weight gain. (But it’s my fault I don’t exercise haha) We eat out on weekdays more than weekends and I’d like to think it’s like my late breakfast before I start working from wherever. But that was my problem for the entire month of June. Everyday I set out on a search for coffee shops or restaurants that were conducive for writing, but instead I’d just eat lunch with my folks, have another failed attempt at looking for a space, then end up just working at home. It’s pretty hard to find a place with enough sockets and without the rowdy yuppy crowds. Any suggestions?


Oysters are my favorite raw seafood, Sneakers from Achi Rin of Luscious Closet, Toby’s Estate dates with Daddy, Flower arranging fixation with mom, Wildflour Sunday brunches, Featuring my dad’s painting, Scout’s honor milk & cookies, Antler interior wee

Internship and work 

My summer internship with Team ABC got extended, yay! And although it got busier, it also meant it got funner. We crossed off a lot of things we had to accomplish. We prepared for Type Lab MNL which was a success. Abbey’s book, The ABC’s of Hand Lettering was launched. And we’ve been learning a lot. The interns had a workshop where we were taught calligraphy, lettering, and a bunch of other crafty stuff which was really a treat. Our meetings have been going north and south or central, and that just means we’ve been getting to try more restaurants. I’ve also stepped out of my comfort zone by doing the kind of work I’m not used to, for ABC and even for TLS. Although at times it got really challenging balancing everything, especially since I went abroad, it’s been really motivating to be exposed to both the creative industry and the publishing industry.


Breton meeting, Jas in ABC HQ, CO/OP plastic moose interior, Hey Kessy’s wall, Outside ABC HQ, The best homemade red velvet cake I’ve ever eaten (and I usually don’t eat red velvet stuff), Fully Booked, Jas’s silhouette, The view from Fully Booked

Transit Terminal Vol. 2

*I know I haven’t blogged in a really long time so here’s my second Transit Terminal series consisting of what life’s been like recently. 


So for the two months that I stopped blogging, this is what I’ve been up to in no particular order…

Emails, more emails, and facing my fear of Excel 💻
Assistant editor duties, weeee
Copy writing
Type Lab MNL and YS Prom!
Internship work and fun 👭👭👭👭
Read The ABCs of Hand Lettering 
HBO and TLC 📺
Spontaneously hanging out with newer people
Flower arranging
Maximizing Google Drive
Reading Who What Wear everyday
Jurassic Park high
Upcycling ♻
Collecting digital art and pictures then having them printed
Finished reading (and gonna be writing a review about) Guardians
♥ Kate Spade love affair ♠
Long distance chats with my long distance friends, Grace & Mary
Gaining a ton of weight 🐽
Taking a break from serious writing, if possible
📷 Instagramming the white and bright
Bonding with my cousin, Olivia and babysitting Connor
Watching Whine About It 🍷on Wine Wednesdays with Matt Bellassai 
Obsessing with minimalist and geometrical tattoos
Then trying to sketch my own stencils ✎
Collecting lifestyle/art magazines usually for free haha and borrowing some more
✈ Went to CANADA (gonna blog about this)
Finishing packs of chocolate almonds and chocolate raisins
Wimbledon 🎾 Nadal & Federer forever though 👊
Cooking squid
Watching Lisa Eldridge tutorials
Then playing around with make up and still failing 💄
Skype 🌃🌏💕🌎
Not touching my phone as much
✍ Writing poetry and storms of prose and letters
Planning for an online art portfolio
Weird dreams, nightmares, and sleep paralysis 😰
Shopping and Chilli’s dates with my best friend, Gabby
Visiting family and looking at antiques
🎨 Finally tried painting faces and using color aaaand doing A LOT of this
Going to art galleries
🎈🙊Birthday surprises 🙈🎈
Fixated on wilderness stuff
A lot of alone time, some tears, and sadness

Featured airport: Hong Kong International Airport

This was the last airport I was in and it’s my favorite! I’m sort of convinced it’s the kind of airport the movie, The Terminal, could take place in. I can picture some shady lost Tom Hanks roaming around cause the place is so big and vast. A thousand connecting flights take place here so it’s a coming together and melting pot of east and west. There are shops in every corner, restaurants with a variety of cousins, and good views of the runway on all sides. I wouldn’t mind being left in this airport for an entire day if I had to wait for a connecting flight or something. Especially if it means an adventure, and it does look like the kind of place you’d have an adventure in.

My May in Squares: Art and Internships

*It’s the longest summer of “the century” for me and this is the productive bit of how I spent the month of May in photographs.

Motivation nation
I’ve been interning with Team ABC under Abbey Sy as a copywriter along with other bright-eyed writers, artists, and photographers. We meet up every now and then in coffee shops to discuss work-related matters, learn more about ourselves and our skills. And the best part about it is getting to meet a diverse set of creatives who all do different things but are of a similar wavelength. We’re all girls too, so it reminds a lot of high school, except it’s a more condensed group. Yup, I grew up in an all-girls school from kindergarten to college so I really missed being in that kind of environment.

The interesting thing about all our projects is that every time I come home from a meeting, I tend to leave feeling really really motivated. I’m not even kidding. It may sound phony but I feel energized all the time, so much that it should happen more often, haha. I get pumped up to organize my life, post more, do more, create more, and try harder. I guess it really does make a difference knowing you have a concrete support system behind you. More than anything, it’s seeing I’m not so alone in this struggle and pursuit we’re all on.

And one afternoon my artist/fitness coach brother decides to pass on his old watercolor set to me. I went on a couple of painting sprees. I had a battle with the brushes, the water, more water, and more importantly I fell in love with color.

If you flip through my personal “art history”, I never delved into anything with color because I always sketched with pencils or charcoal (mostly because of laziness). I didn’t really know what I was doing (well, when do I ever) but I did paint things that caught my eye, and not just pretty things but scenes that told actual stories. I’ve gotten feedback and I now know I’ll either practice the discipline more or just move on to acrylics since people did say that’s more of what my style looks like?

I’ve also been tidying up my room. I got rid of the school year’s worth of junk and I’m halfway close to decorating corners of my room.

Lastly, I finally finished Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami *pause for applause* after a very very very long time. I won’t review it cause I’ll probably give more rants than rave about it. The length of time it took me to finish it, meaning I had to force myself to pick it up through a stretch of months, says a lot about the book or about my own aideehd-ness. All I can say is, I don’t understand the hype. It’s not terrible, but to me it’s just not all that great. There are better Murakami books and I hope to read more of those. However, it’s his signature, flowery, descriptive prose that kept me going. He painted some of the most beautiful imagery.

Here’s to more painting words, actual painting, and room decorating.


Some behind the scenes photos, Abbey Sy originals, and no, that isn’t my bed though

Oh and I wrote an article about internships for the school paper. 

Cloudy with A Chance of Jogging

*I’m new to jogging and I’ve only given it a go a few times over the summer, and so far this is what I’ve gotten out of it. Pictures and an eagerness to take more pictures.

I’ll never be a runner.

I don’t think I’d make it a kilometer straight without my knees giving in or my breath running out. Is that even far? That’s obviously nothing for regular runners. I lack endurance. Admittedly, I’m unfit for that mile. How far is a mile anyway? Again, probably nothing for tight marathon racers and neon-colored joggers. If anything, my attention span’s too short to keep my head looking straight and out into a horizon that coincides with the length of the mile runners are supposed to be on.

I see no horizon. I see the sights above, below, and all around me. And those to me consist of my all-encompassing horizon that is here, there, and everywhere with each formless stride my trainers make, one in front of the other. And my inconsistent pauses to take in some air and switch to another song are opportunities to take mental photographs of the houses I pass. My head’s in the clouds and if not, my eyes are set at determining the hues of green, lightly patched and huddled over this village I grew up in. I’m hoping to pick up some twigs and fallen leaves along the way. A part of me wishes to be on a bicycle instead.

But I have a new found appreciation for my neighborhood landscapes, the occasional squirrel sightings, and mostly the new sights and smells that now accompany some old tracks on my jogging playlist. It’s a change of scenery I can put on loop.

Come cloudy days, I think I’d like to go on more walks, and maybe five minute jogs in between.