*This is one of my favorite musicals of all time. I’ve seen it thrice, cried thrice. I think it’s relevant in a time wherein others try to villainize people who are different, and victimize them in doing so. But I’m no victim. Here’s to the things and people trying to bring me down:

Don’t be afraid

I’m not
It’s the Wizard who should be afraid
Of me

Something has changed within me
Something is not the same
I’m through with playing by the rules
Of someone else’s game
Too late for second-guessing
Too late to go back to sleep
It’s time to trust my instincts
Close my eyes
And leap

It’s time to try defying gravity
I think I’ll try defying gravity
And you can’t pull me down

So if you care to find me
Look to the Western sky
As someone told me lately
Everyone deserves the chance to fly
And if I’m flying solo
At least I’m flying free
To those who ground me
Take a message back from me

Tell them how I am defying gravity
I’m flying high, defying gravity
And soon I’ll match them in renown
And nobody in all of Oz
No Wizard that there is or was
Is ever gonna bring me down


Houston we have a problem

*Among the permanent and temporary pieces displayed at Aphro Living, these framed ones by the entrance has piqued my interest since I first visited the gallery and in subsequent visits. I do love me some spaceman art. Haha! If you do drop by, try the slide. 

Timeless art always possesses the possibility of being timely.

Back in 2014, Emmanuel Santos exhibited some of these pieces in Immanent Geographies, a collection of both topographic and social landscapes by various Filipino artists. This featured familiar locations with stark twists.

Second Earth imagines a hyperreality where an astronaut finds himself in local terrain, however displaced and even out of place in these spaces—of all spaces—but the outer.

I’m partial to astronomical subjects 👽🚀🛰 and postmodern contexts 🤓 yet there’s a grimness to these that make me a little uncomfy but I can’t ignore it.

There’s also a bit of Foucault’s heterotopia in his work, as the astronaut searches for his place in a world that’s comprised of nature, the virtual, and what’s in between. This is relevant in our tech age that propels itself into a progress that could spell self annihilation with no signs of slowing down.

But what of children that wish to stay grounded and mounted to preserving life on the blue green ball of life? Earth born and earth bound dreamers 🌏🌍🌎

A piece of vandalism ☮

 *I’m not huge on politics but I wish I knew more and I’d like to do my own part as a citizen not only of my country but the world. It’ll be my first time to vote this May and although I still don’t know who I’m going to vote for, I do know that every person counts. This goes past elections. A government is important but no government can fix us when we refuse to fix us. With all the crazy bad natural and unnatural tragedies going on and will be going on, in here and the world, this is my piece. I also watched Bb. Pilipinas last night and contrary to popular protest, I’m actually real happy my bet won. Yay Maxine Medina, she’s lovely! 👑 In a far away munchkin land, I might join a pageant and say something along these lines… 😛🤓

Found this written in permanent marker in an alley in Singapore, ironically but fittingly a country that considers even the tiniest acts of vandalism unlawful. Still a minimal yet relevant piece of vandalism. I’ve come across a number of (legal) street art in Singapore meant to promote their culture and lineage, usually portraits of old Singapore. This came as a surprise find on a perfectly crisp white building which I had already been excited about for the usual photo op.

But this familiar quote isn’t meant to empower our indifference or sense of entitlement. Anyone could easily feel so empowered, fueled by anger towards certain systems we’re bounded by just to start a revolution of some sort. People in large numbers especially tend to get swept away by the spirit of battle, they tend to forget what they’re fighting for in the first place. And how fights can go. There is a time and a place for fights, and more importantly action doesn’t always have to be synonymous to speed typing on comment sections of social media platforms and walking hand in hand with clenched fists on the road. 👊

Uncle Ben was on to something; with great power does come responsibility. Only we are responsible for what happens to ourselves and our world. No government or god or people we project god-like qualities to can save us. Only we can save ourselves. When heroes disappoint and they have precisely because more often than not, human beings aren’t meant to be put on pedestals, much less things we cannot see. We become our own heroes. We ought to stop waiting on each other.

Whether it’s politics, education, human rights, safer streets, world hunger, or saving the environment (heck we should all save the environment🌿🌳), just stand for something. Action may just mean putting one foot on the ground and turning the other way around. Clenched fists aren’t the only way to fight for something but with open palms and outstretched arms for more. Stand for something, online and in real life by your own means. 

Not caring is not cool. In a generation where we’ve all hurt each other and taught one another that not caring is ultimately the better and undoubtedly cooler way to go, we’re coming close to functioning like robots that operate on instinct and very little of heart. 🤖 Dig deep down and we all weep a little for the things that we have to admit are also bigger than us. I have days when I convince myself it’s better not to care, that way I won’t get hurt or be left disappointed. But these are times we ought to grow up to face the reality that we live in a breaking world that wasn’t always this way. It could be another way. Let’s grow up with child-like innocence and love once again as children of the earth.👶🌎💓 It’s okay to care, I think we all do.✌☮

The (Un)Art of Winging It

*Unlike my usual midnight posts, I’m even making a change in the time I publish things, weee. This was finished at 9:34 in the evening. Pause for applause. The night is young, haha. If you’re a crammer, you might relate 😛

“I’ve been a crammer my whole life,” I confess with a misplaced sense of pride in between the highs of getting there in the middle of the night, the more indescribable highs of actually getting lucky, and the lows of only recently failing to.

Who wouldn’t feel like gray-hoodie sporting Rocky at the end of that Gonna Fly Now scene, after getting through almost anything and everything last minute? Claiming I work best under pressure, almost appropriately I show up the morning of the exam in a sweatshirt. Inserting a quote about diamonds in the rough; linking an over-shared meme because we all relate. I’ve romanticized my own bad habits, blamed technology, referred to my Myers & Briggs type, given power to my own opponenttime and pressure, then likening it to a skill that happens to work wonderfully well with natural smarts and talent.


that’s supposed to be a coffee hourglass haha

I realized I wouldn’t look back at my 17 years of schooling and think sentimentally of the latter “mornights” trying not to doze off to 40 more impossible pages. A clock never looked so scary. I’m searching for an excuse not to make it to class. Can I afford it? Nah. It’s a crappy feeling, for lack of a better word. I stay up beyond the suggested number of hours. I wake up (and I mean in the right mind finally) two weeks later, reading a draft I previously submitted full of typographic errors, ranging from minor spelling mistakes to greater mishapssomething about a dog and McDonald’s, and maybe some Freudian slips here and there. My pre-med progressive penmanship, hieroglyphics to the untrained eye, on daunting piles of yellow pad paper, has proven I’ve been half asleep through my classes. I have as well been more than half asleep through all that late night homework. I might even be a half-sleep-talker and it translates in writing, now a half-sleep-writer, apparently there may be such a thing.

My cool “winging it” academic life motto has lost its charm. I hope to say I used to call it, “The Art of Winging It” in my own head a lifetime ago, even if it was just yesterday and predictably a preview of the following weeks. It’s not an art, it’s no beautiful mess. It’s just messy and sheer luck; two things that aren’t going to keep getting me very far. Like every other thing that has for a while seemed shiny and my own: the night, yummy 3-in-1 coffee, starting after 12, and the relief after the storm; it gets old.

As I threw caution to the wind, taking time off what I’m currently cramming, to write about it, I’m shedding the heavy pair of broken wings that have carried me just inches above from metaphorical waves of those scary 0.0’s time and again. Call me a recovering crammer, I won’t be winging it anymore. I never want to need more time and I want to start drinking coffee while the sun is out, like a proper adult.


Sign the petition: Keep Instagram Chronological

*About a week ago, the internet was taken by surprise upon hearing news of Instagram’s upcoming changes.

The feed will make a drastic switch from chronological to algorithm-based, as in more like the Facebook newsfeed. While this change was indifferently welcomed by half the world who wouldn’t be affected by these “updates”, a number of users had plenty to say about this, including myself, photographer Edmar Borromeo, and Cardiff based artist Belinda Love Lee 💚 (her IG feed is absolutely lovely, pun half intended but I mean it; it’s the featured image above), who immediately blogged about this issue. Below is my comment addressed to Instagram.

Dear Instagram,

Algorithm? Isn’t that what the Explore feed is already for? And I’m more than contented with that feature, including my timeline, and the homepage as it is.

This change will breed disorder and disinterest, especially for people who treat Instagram like a collective photo diary or those who’ve grown accustomed to scrolling through the homepage expecting to see everything laid out sequentially.

No algorithm will be able to honestly and accurately determine what’s “important” or relevant to me and what isn’t as relevant. This is especially if the algorithm is based on the number of likes, comments, and activity a post receives. Even my viewing or search activity is no accurate tool in determining my genuine interests.

Every account I follow is relevant to me, similarly every user should enjoy the right to fair exposure.

The chronological timeline widely celebrated now promotes a great sense of community online, bridging people from different parts of the globe. I don’t know, but I always enjoyed seeing the kind of real-time-activity going on in the other side of the world, starting the day, just as I’m about to head to bed.


my take on a great app for creatives

Please sign this petition 😞 NOT ALL CHANGE IS GOOD. This is to support start-ups, creatives, small businesses, and just about anyone who enjoys the great app as it is. If you haven’t heard, Instagram is just about to become more like Facebookalgorithm basedmeaning popular posts will appear on the top of the home feed. This also means the app will be gathering everyone’s activity in order to (inaccurately) determine what’s relevant to you and what isn’t as relevant. Besides, that’s what the Explore feature is already for. Goodbye organized timelines and make way for more likes-driven users. Please sign this because every user deserves fair exposure. Sign the petition because scrolling through your chronological timeline has become a part of your daily routine. Sign to keep Instagram a community for growing content-makers.

The Thank You Notes I Never Sent

“You have a way with words,” I’ve been told.

While the world is home to libraries of books that house centuries worth of literature—romantic, tragic, fictional, and truthful—written by men and women who’ve had their own ways with words on a page. The average human being uses about 14,000 words a day. Today we send texts, emails, instant messages, and make calls as much as we’ve been talking to the next person since the beginning of time. But out of all the senseless rambling and chatter-filled hours, how many of these utterances are more helpful than hurtful? How many people have we kept up at night because of the unnecessarily mean things our mouths couldn’t hold back? Have any of our words ever made someone else’s day?

We all have our own ways with words. I just hope we use them well. Better yet, to say things with love.

— {yours truly}

Thanks to Sharyl, I had the opportunity to write for Brew Your Best Year by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, which I was thrilled to be a part of simply cause it’s one of my most frequented coffee shops. Yes, I’m a loyal and proud Coffee Bean customer. They’ve got one of my favorite hot chocolates, topped off with marshmallows and the fluffiest whipped cream ever. It’s like drinking a cloud. ☁ I usually enjoy their playlists and I really recommend their sandwiches, pastas, and breakfast selection. I’ve got lots of memories in Coffee Bean over the last couple of years.

These are the thank you notes I never sent dedicated to the people around me whom I just haven’t thanked enough.

Transit Terminal Vol. 2

*I know I haven’t blogged in a really long time so here’s my second Transit Terminal series consisting of what life’s been like recently. 


So for the two months that I stopped blogging, this is what I’ve been up to in no particular order…

Emails, more emails, and facing my fear of Excel 💻
Assistant editor duties, weeee
Copy writing
Type Lab MNL and YS Prom!
Internship work and fun 👭👭👭👭
Read The ABCs of Hand Lettering 
HBO and TLC 📺
Spontaneously hanging out with newer people
Flower arranging
Maximizing Google Drive
Reading Who What Wear everyday
Jurassic Park high
Upcycling ♻
Collecting digital art and pictures then having them printed
Finished reading (and gonna be writing a review about) Guardians
♥ Kate Spade love affair ♠
Long distance chats with my long distance friends, Grace & Mary
Gaining a ton of weight 🐽
Taking a break from serious writing, if possible
📷 Instagramming the white and bright
Bonding with my cousin, Olivia and babysitting Connor
Watching Whine About It 🍷on Wine Wednesdays with Matt Bellassai 
Obsessing with minimalist and geometrical tattoos
Then trying to sketch my own stencils ✎
Collecting lifestyle/art magazines usually for free haha and borrowing some more
✈ Went to CANADA (gonna blog about this)
Finishing packs of chocolate almonds and chocolate raisins
Wimbledon 🎾 Nadal & Federer forever though 👊
Cooking squid
Watching Lisa Eldridge tutorials
Then playing around with make up and still failing 💄
Skype 🌃🌏💕🌎
Not touching my phone as much
✍ Writing poetry and storms of prose and letters
Planning for an online art portfolio
Weird dreams, nightmares, and sleep paralysis 😰
Shopping and Chilli’s dates with my best friend, Gabby
Visiting family and looking at antiques
🎨 Finally tried painting faces and using color aaaand doing A LOT of this
Going to art galleries
🎈🙊Birthday surprises 🙈🎈
Fixated on wilderness stuff
A lot of alone time, some tears, and sadness

Featured airport: Hong Kong International Airport

This was the last airport I was in and it’s my favorite! I’m sort of convinced it’s the kind of airport the movie, The Terminal, could take place in. I can picture some shady lost Tom Hanks roaming around cause the place is so big and vast. A thousand connecting flights take place here so it’s a coming together and melting pot of east and west. There are shops in every corner, restaurants with a variety of cousins, and good views of the runway on all sides. I wouldn’t mind being left in this airport for an entire day if I had to wait for a connecting flight or something. Especially if it means an adventure, and it does look like the kind of place you’d have an adventure in.